Okay, first off all you have to know about the WRPG, a page started up by an internet friend of mine. The WRPG started out as (I don't know about now, because I haven't been there in a while) basically a fanfic creation center for Breath of Fire fans. You were able to create your own Breath of Fire character, and then write stories about it and you'd have a place to post up your stories.

That's basically how it started. I, Kate, created a little Breath of Fire character for the WRPG and began writing there. About a year later, Frank joined the WRPG and introduced to me his characters which he based off of the game Persona (the first one, not the second one).

We started writing a bunch together, then kinda split off for a few good months, met back up and went back to writing.

We do all of our writing over ICQ by the way. :P

Around the time we got back together, neither of us really visited the WRPG anymore, but we kept using the characters that we had created there for fun. Then we started making up more characters.

Then we started actually writing stories again.

Now we have someplace to post them. =^-^=;; (and art as well it would seem) But anyway, that's the whole idea behind this page. It's really nothing more then a way of letting Frank and me put our work somewhere so it's not sitting around on the hard drive and collecting dust.

Tellka- Yea, now it's sitting around in tripod collecting dust.

Kate- Oh hush you... =~-~=

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