Resident artist of this page. ~raises her hand~ So, a lot of this belongs to me. =^-^=;;; Anyway...
Oh yea, the newest stuff is at the top.
Art we have:

Lucy/Brandon- I was not in the happiest of moods while making this pic. This is sort of a pre-comic to a picture that I need to draw.
Frank/Kate- Windian High dance pic.
Janet- I wanted to do a spiffy pic of someone casting a spell or something, and I just happened to chose Janet to pic on. Actually, I rather like how this image turned out. Although it looks like something out of a coloring book.
Frank/Kate/Tellka/Katt- Okay, way back when we did the WRPG, Frank and Kate first met each other during something we know refer to as the Colliseum Incident. I got bored and decided to make a mock movie poster of the thing. =^^=; Heh...
Chris/Diane- The story that this scene is from won't appear for a while, but I just couldn't help but put the pic up here anyway.
Amber- Sketches look interesting when you ink them with colored ink and then color them with Prisma.
Tym/Sabs- Got bored, sketched. Tym and Sabs like to argue a lot...
Kate- Pretty sketch of Kate in her Colosseum outfit.
Red Bird- This picture just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside..... ~blink~ Colored in Prisma colored pencils if you want to know...
Lots of characters- Torana Christmas pic!
Alex/Ellen- This is how they dressed for a Halloween party.
Frank/Kate- This is cute. =^^=
Diane- The many moods of Diane Brandshire...
ChibiBrandon- This is cute. It's ChibiBrandon with a couple of things from his character counterpart =^^=
Various Character Chibis- Yea... this is what happens when you let character chibis run wild. =0-o=;; What are character chibis you ask? Smaller, cuter versions of actual characters, with a few other lil differences.
Diane/Alex- Picture that influenced LAWH chapter 11.... or is it the other way around? =0-o= Myah...
Ellen/Alex- Ellen with Alex while he's in his weretiger form. I'm sure if he could talk right now, he'd probably be saying 'mine!'
Kate Chan- Cute dancing picture of Kate. =^-^=

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