Alex Brandshire's

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Woren
History- Ever since his mother's death when he was 14, Alex has been very protective of his family, his sister namely ~those two never got a long very well until their mother died. =0-o=;;~. Even if she doesn't notice it, Alex is constantly watching his sister to make sure she's okay. At home, Diane helps out their father with the physical chores while Alex takes care of things like cooking and mending clothes ~although he's not the greatest cook in the world. =^-^=;;; His dad's been cooking more often now, much to the relief of the family...~

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- J
Birthday- July 21st
Family- Mother- Michelle Brandshire (deceased) Father- Paul Brandshire Sister- Diane Brandshire
Fighting Style- Hand to hand
Special Ability- Weretiger transformation
Special Element- Earth
Favorite Possession- A necklace, a simple silver pendant in the profile form of a laying tiger hanging on a long silver chain. The eye of the tiger is a small sapphire. Alex gave this necklace to Ellen to wear when they started going out.
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Help his father around the house.
Favorite Number- 12
Favorite Color- Brown
Favorite Season- Fall
Worst Fear- Something happening to his loved ones, his immediat family or Ellen especially.
Musical Talent- Alex is a good singer and knows how to play the piano/keyboard.
Useless Talent- He's very good with fashion. =^-^=;; His mom was a seamstress, and Alex can even sew a bit, although he doesn't much.
Personality Quirk- Alex is very layed back. It's hard to get him to fight when provoking him directly. However, he'll be the first to attack when you threated his family or Ellen.
Nervous Habit- Fidgets a lot.
Intersting Fact- I don't know why, but for some reason when Alex berserks into his weretiger form he's got the coloring of his sister. =0-o=;; I really don't know why though. Oh yes, Alex is also a very good theif. He doesn't steal much however, only when he's bored. ~coughes innocently~ He's usually caught, yes, sooner or later. But he never steals big stuff anyway. A little can here or there, a few prizes at passing carnivals, a test answer book at school...........

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