Alyson Van Horne's

Page of general stats:

Age- 16
Race- Woren
History- Alyson used to live in HomeTown before moving out to Windia. Like Diane, she's independent, spirited, and energetic. However, Alyson's always been a prankster. If one could get a good look at her face, they'd notice that her deep, blue eyes always have a hint of mischief to them. In fact, she's got quite a reputation at Windia High... She's known as the class clown, the comedienne of her class, and one that teachers have to keep an eye on. Despite all this, she still manages to do well in school.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- M
Birthday- May 7th
Family- Sara Van Horne (mother), Dakota Van Horne (father)
Fighting Style- Battle staff user, Occasionally can be found fighting in the coliseum
Weapon of Choice- Her battle staff, which has notches to mark every opponent she's defeated in the coliseum.
Special Ability- Being able to push an opponent over the edge so that anger clouds their judgment.
Special Element- Water
Favorite Possession- Her battle staff, and a picture of her friends from her old high school.
Favorite Quote- "Girls... Kick...BUTT!!!"
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Joke around, play practical jokes, hang out with her friends, stare and hit on cute guys
Favorite Number- 27
Favorite Color- Dark Orange
Favorite Animal- Tiger
Favorite Flower- Tulip
Favorite Season- Summer
Worst Fear- Getting seriously injured in a coliseum fight, getting caught when setting up a huge practical joke
Useless Talent- Besides having a knack for jokes and pranks??? Well, she also likes to gossip as well
Personality Quirk- Alyson can be seen as an energetic, fun loving girl. Rarely is she taken seriously, but there are times when she has her moments. If she is serious, you can tell immediately.
Nervous Habit- Alyson's tail begins to twitch when she's annoyed. When she's impatient, she'll put both hands on her hips, cock her head, roll her eyes, and tap a foot impatiently.
Intersting Fact- While Alyson appears spirited, she's also quite sensitive of her feelings as well. Also, when someone insults her, she let's them know personally, as in physical punishment.
Persona Held- Alyson is not Philemon's charge, so she can never become a Persona User.

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