Spells known:

Lightning: Evil: Healing:
Bolt- Lightning attack against one opponent.
Bolt X- Lightning attack against all opponents.
Lightning Storm- Lightning attack against all opponents.
Shocking Grasp- Lightning attack against one opponent, requires direct contact.
Lightning Shield- Lightning shield, causes immunity to all lightning baised spells. Minor resistance to physical attacks.
Flash- Chance to blind all opponents.
Dispel Flash- Chance to dispel all shadow type status spells currently in effect.
Bolt Strike- Raises attack power of one of casters weapons currently in use, also high chance to do element baised damage with the attack.
Death Chime- Evil/death spell against one opponent, gradually lowers opponents health until death.
Animate Dead- Brings 'life' back to corpse/creates a zombie.
Ressurect- Restores life to one target.
Mind Control- 1 in 30 chance of mind control againts one target, chance of spell success varies depending on target's resistance to evil/shadow type spells.
Cure 2- Cures medium wounds.
Cure 3- Cures major wounds.
Full Heal- Full status/physical healing of one target.
Purify- Cures curse, poison, and mute.
Cure Blind- Cures blindness.

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