Chad Wingston's

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Windian
History- Chad's a spoiled only child of a nice little high class Windian family. Chad's first close friend was David, whom he met in kindergarden. David and Chad are usually running around playing sports together, mostly volleyball or football. Chad then met Justin in eighth grade. Aside from not getting along too well with him, Justin, Chad, and David seemed to be the Windian trio for a while. Then Justin met Janet and the three guys were pulled into the WINGS where Chad met Jason. Those two clicked in an instant. Chad, David, and Jason used to enjoy running around making a mess out of Windia, but lately Chad and David have both been a bit uneasy around Jason. The guy just doesn't act like he used to.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- D
Birthday- August 6th
Family- Mother- Cherie Wingston Father- Brenton Wingston
Fighting Style- Magic User/Missle Objects ~throwing knives~/Dagger
Weapon of Choice- ... spells. =0-o=;; This guy doesn't fight much hand-to-hand, and he really doesn't even have any fighting spells anyway. Chad's a healer. He doesn't like fighting. He'll run from fights most of the time.
Special Element- Earth
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Hang out with David. Oh yea, he likes to play volleyball too. =^-^=
Favorite Number- 42
Favorite Color- Brown
Favorite Season- Summer
Worst Fear- ... okay, no joke, this guy can't stand snakes. =0-o=;;
Useless Talent- Besides juggling? He's a great juggler. =^^= He can also chug salsa. =0-o=;; Hot or mild... it really doesn't matter. He's willing to subject himself to the pain of chugging fire sauce if he'll get something good out of the bet. ~Chad is such a weird boy...~
Personality Quirk- Chad is a great guy really. =^-^= Hardly ever seen mad, usually doesn't fight, very calm individual. He's a quick thinker on his feet, and enjoys being the center of attention.
Nervous Habit- He'll shift his weight from foot to foot when something's bugging him, and he'll stroke his goatie when he's thinking hard about something.
Intersting Fact- Chad's a writer. =^^= He loves writing plays. He's also a great actor.
Spells Known

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