Chelsea Procter's

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Stallion
History- Chelsea not so recently moved back to Windia from Coursiar ~she lived in Windia long ago, back around kindergarden~. She's been attending Windian High for the past couple years, and aside from being reunited with her childhood friends, Amber, Tym and Sabs, she has made a name for herself in athletics. Her parents having been divorced since she was 10, Chelsea grew up with her father, a trainer and fighter at the Coursiar colosseum, so she's literally had a strong male influence for much of her life. Chelsea's pretty average grade-wise at school, but she does her best to excel in sports.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- M
Birthday- February 20th
Family- Father- James Procter
Fighting Style- Hand to hand combat
Weapon of Choice- Her fists. =^^=;
Special Ability- Can use a variety of lightning magic, but that's the only type she's bothered to learn.
Special Element- Lightning
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Go running, play basketball, spar at the colosseum, or just plain watch her father at work.
Favorite Number- 7
Favorite Color- Royal Blue
Favorite Animal- Whelk ~those lil Crustacean looking things in BoF4~
Favorite Flower- Fox Glove
Favorite Season- Basketball season =^^=;
Worst Fear- Losing her father.
Useless Talent- She can hold her breathe for up to 3 minutes. ~blink~ She can also stand on her head and walk around on her hands upside down. ~tail waves~ She's an interesting girl.
Personality Quirk- Chelsea has a way of being, well, arrogant sometimes, although not all the time. Just when the subject of sports comes up. Oh yes, she also has a bizzare interest in demons... don't ask me why... she just thinks they're neat.
Nervous Habit- Her tail flicks about and she'll shake her mane a lot when she's uneasy.
Intersting Fact- Having been greatly influenced by her father and his work, Chelsea's taken up just about every athletic activity offered to her in Windian High. She's on the basketball team, football team, participates in track, plays in volleyball sometimes ~although not much~, enjoys playing pitcher for baseball, weight lifts in the school gym and would join the school's wrestling team if girls were allowed in it. She hasn't taken much of an interest in the school's Archery club, or their new Fencing club though. She just seems to enjoy a more 'one-on-one, hand-to-hand' feeling in her activities. Accourding to her father, Chelsea's got a lot of fight running through her blood, and it's possible that she's a descendent of Balio.
Spells Known

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