Chris Fallon's

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Woren
History- Chris was born and raised in Windia. His parents, however, come from Cottland. Chris attends Windia High just like Frank and his friends. He led a normal life until something happened to him one day after school. See, a demonized Persona from Frank's world followed them back to Windia to avenge the Snow Queen, which Frank and company killed. The demon, HellCat, possessed Chris and stalked Ellen using his body. Besides stalking Ellen, he attacked Frank and Nate, along with Alex, Janet, and Kate. The demon finally died partially at the carnival when it lost control of Chris and had to eject from his body. Since then, Chris has been quiet and refused to talk to Frank and his friends until the three Persona users finally freed his soul from HellCat's grasp in the Velvet Room. HellCat was planning to turn him into a Weretiger and regain a full form to kill the Persona users and their friends, but that plan was halted in the Velvet Room. Now Chris is more active and is a friend of Frank's.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- J
Birthday- January 19th
Family- Jonathan Fallon, father. Amy Fallon, mother. Cherise Fallon, little sister, same age as Britney Bendrel.
Fighting Style- Fencer, can use some magic alone or powered up in his attacks. Also can fight hand to hand.
Weapon of Choice- A rapier his father gave him. See, his dad is a coliseum fighter, and he passed one of his weapons down to his son
Special Ability- Unlike most Woren, Chris has a knack for magic... especially fire spells and lightning spells.
Special Element- Water
Favorite Possession- His rapier which was given to him by his father
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Practice spells, and like Frank, he likes to relax outdoors or in the courtyard at school.
Favorite Number- 11
Favorite Color- Dark Red
Favorite Animal- Cats
Favorite Flower- Carnation
Favorite Season- Fall
Worst Fear- Being possessed again and attacking those close to him, especially friends, family, and worst of all, his little sister.
Personality Quirk- Chris is still trying to become like himself again, but is finding it difficult to since the time of his possession. He's usually quiet, but is now warming up to Frank and his friends.
Nervous Habit- Chris will run a hand through his long, black hair when he's beginning to get nervous. He'll also do this at times without even knowing it.
Intersting Fact- Chris's father is a fighter at the coliseum while his mother is a healer at the hospital. Chris's magical ability comes from his mother's side, while his prowess with a blade comes from his father. Chris works in the Reverse Edge alongside Frank and Diane. The three seem to make a great team when dealing with weapons.
Persona Held- Oh wait... Chris isn't a Persona User, and can never be, since he's not Philemon's charge...

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