Cynthia Westin's

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Forest Clan
History-Cynthia is your average student. In fact, she's also Chris's best friend. She developed an interest in projectile weapons at an early age, which probably describes her knack with any type of projectile weapon. She became a friend of Frank's when she decided to help him drum up support for the school's new fencing club, which she took an immediate interest in. Unlike Diane, she doesn't get all starry eyed when shown a lot of different weapons.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- R
Birthday- November 17th
Family- Robert Westin (Father), Claudia Westin (Mother)
Fighting Style- Marksman, can also use a little magic
Weapon of Choice- Long bow with any type of arrow
Special Ability- Can use magic, mostly healing, status enhancing, and earth. Cynthia also has an innate ability to hit anything with her bow by just concentrating on where the target is.
Special Element- Earth
Favorite Possession- A custom made long bow, specifically used only for competition
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Archery practice and volleyball
Favorite Number- 7
Favorite Color- Dark Green
Favorite Animal- Border Collie
Favorite Flower- Gardenia
Favorite Season- Winter
Worst Fear- Accidentally killing an innocent person or animal, losing either of her parents
Useless Talent- Cynthia can do trick shots! Meaning that if you blindfold her and point her in the right direction, she can easily hit the target. Cynthia can also ricochet arrows off of different objects in order to hit her target.
Personality Quirk- Cynthia is calm most of the time... unless she sees a weapon that she has never seen before. That's when she gets as hyper as Diane.
Nervous Habit- Her tail waves spastically and her ears move back and forth
Intersting Fact- Cynthia is just a gifted archer. She's rarely known to miss any target. In fact, it's like she's got a six sense about targets. Rumor has it that she's part of Bo's bloodline.
Persona Held- Like Chris and Ryan, Cynthia isn't a Persona User, and can never be.

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