David Stark's

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Windian
History- David used to live in a large city called Calton, far far south of Windia. David's family moved up to Windia after David's younger sister, Jessica, was born. Jessica is eight years younger then David, and is a little thorn in his side. David's often running off with Chad just as an excuse to get away from taking care of his sister. So, since David's dad works as a manager at the Colosseum, and David's mom helps run 'Mindi's,' a small clothing store, the Starks have had to hire a nanny to take care of Jessica. She's not been too thrilled with that, often complaining she'd rather spend a day at Daddy's work then at home with the sitter. =0-o=;;

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- T
Birthday- May 12th
Family- Father- Kyle Stark Mother- Megan Stark Sister- Jessica Stark
Fighting Style- Magic User/Swordsman
Weapon of Choice- um... his hands. =0-o=;; For spell casting... and then maybe a short sword if he needs it.
Special Element- Wind
Favorite Number- 13
Favorite Color- Green
Worst Fear- Math
Useless Talent- Besides eating? Myah, lemme think. ~thinks~ Ah, he's a good practical joker, although he hasn't pulled his jokes in a long long time so he's probably forgotten a lot of it all. =0-o=
Personality Quirk- David's a loud open guy, and completely shy and quiet. =^^=;; See, it all depends on who he's around. If he's with the WINGS group, ~or just plain Jason and Chad~ he's pretty loud, asserts himself, likes to make a scene... if he's not in the company of people he knows, however, David's a really quiet guy. So, he's usually not in the company of people he doesn't know. =^-^=;
Nervous Habit- Pops his knuckles a lot.
Intersting Fact- David almost managed to join the Windian Royal Army like Brandon, but didn't make it because he didn't have enough training. =0-o= He's still a bit sore about it, just a little bit, not much.
Spells Known

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