Diane Brandshire's

Page of general stats:

Age- 16
Race- Woren
History- Diane lives with her father and brother in a small town a few miles south of Windia, and heads over to Windia for school. Her mother died when she was 12 and the family doesn't talk about her much. Diane's an outright tomboy and enjoys a good day of physical work or just beating the heck out of someone. Her brother sees her as reckless and worries about her a lot. She sees her brother as too laid back and unprepared and worries about him a lot, although they express their affection for each other in the 'normal' brother and sister way... ~you know, the way that involves a lot of punches and name calling? =^-^=;;~

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- R
Birthday- February 15th
Family- Mother- Michelle Brandshire (deceased) Father- Paul Brandshire Brother- Alex Brandshire
Fighting Style- Hand to hand/Knives/Boomerang type throwy weapons. =0-o=
Weapon of Choice- Special twin knives made for her by Frank, a Slasher she got for free because she was a tester for the prototype, her gun StormCaller and um... anything big.
Special Element- Water
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Work out at the gym.
Favorite Number- 23
Favorite Color- Green
Favorite Animal- Biruburu
Favorite Flower- Lily
Favorite Season- Summer
Least Favorite Day of the Week- Monday
Worst Fear- Fire
Useless Talent- Can balance a broom on her chin. Or a mop... or other long objects like that.
Personality Quirk- Has an interesting slur that she's picked up from her home town. Her brother seems to have made a large effort to get ride of his slur and speak more 'properly.' Diane, however, doesn't give a rip and doesn't care what she sounds like when she talks.
Nervous Habit- Flicks her ears and tail a lot.
Intersting Fact- Diane's main goal in life is to run a weapon shop. She is excessively jealous of the fact that Frank not only works at, but lives in a weapon shop. However, recently she's managed to get a job at the shop ~it's called the Reverse Edge~ so for now she's content. She's still working her way to owning her own shop though. =^-^=

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