Ellen Johnson's

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Human
History- Ellen is a Persona user just like Frank and Nate. She too is also from Lunarvale. Ellen was zapped from Lunarvale to Windia shortly before returning to Alternate Lunarvale after the group, minus Nate who was whisked to Windia, defeated Guido. Since coming to Windia, Ellen's life has changed. She is now Alex Brandshire's girlfriend, and she was taken in by the Chibas much like Jess Rorins took Frank in.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- V
Birthday- August 9th
Family- Jessifer Johnson (Lunarvale), William Johnson (Lunarvale) (Status as of now unknown...), Ryan Chiba (Brother through her being taken in), Lorenda Chiba (Adopted mother in Windia)
Fighting Style- Fencer, marksman, Persona User.
Weapon of Choice- Rapiers, and her assault rifle, the 133Mouse
Special Ability- Persona User... Also can negotiate fairly well. Ellen also has a knack for making friends easily.
Special Element- Rotating, according to Persona activated. Her true element is Holy.
Favorite Possession- A lucky red neckerchief, a silver necklace of a cat with Sapphire eyes (Alex gave that to her, not the Lunarvale Alex, but Alex Brandshire), and her favorite leather jacket. It has a Valkyrie on the back surrounded by flames. Above the Valkyrie, the words "Let Me Live" are in intricate writing. Recently, Alex had given her a doll of himself to ask for forgiveness for something he had done. Ellen just adores the ChibiAlex doll!
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Ellen has an interest in myths and in the occult. At times, you catch her with her nose buried in books on the subject. Ellen also likes to sing and is part of Frank's band, The Blazing Dragons. Usually, you can catch her hanging out with her friends, or with Alex alone.
Favorite Number- 13
Favorite Color- Silver
Favorite Animal- Kitties and tigers
Favorite Flower- Cherry Blossoms (From when she lived in Japan)
Favorite Season- Fall
Worst Fear- That her parents didn't live through the Lunarvale incident. Also letting her friends and family down. Also fears Stalkers, since she's had one in Lunarvale before, and a possessed stalker in Windia. (Meaning a demon possessed the person, and stalked her for revenge). Ellen's also deathly afraid of snakes. When she was little, a snake bit her, and she wound up in the hospital. Since then, she hasn't been able to overcome that one fear.
Musical Talent- Ellie (Her nickname, used by those close to her) can sing and play bass guitar.
Useless Talent- Ellen can put her hand on a table and twist it... ALL THE WAY AROUND!
Personality Quirk- Ellen can scare people with her love of ghost stories. She's always looking for new ones, and will exchange with people. Besides that, she loves anything that has to do with myths and the occult.
Nervous Habit- Ellen tends to clasp her hands in front of her often, usually when talking to friends.
Intersting Fact- If you couldn't tell by now, Ellen is interested in myths and the occult. Both of these interests come from the fact that she's been all over Earth with an exchange program. Because of this, Ellen is one not to scare easily. In fact, she thinks that her boyfriend's weretiger form is cute!
Persona Held- Ellen as three Persona that are unique to her. One of them is from the fourth Destined Cycle, and suits her perfectly, due to her boyfriend. Recently, Ellen has matured as a Persona User, allowing her to have all five of her Persona ready, instead of having to manually change them out. Her Persona are:

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