Host- Ellen Johnson
Strengths- Reflects magic
Weakness- Weak vs. Spear attacks
Rank 1- Destruct - Combination earth/holy spell. Strong, hits all targets within range
Rank 2- None
Rank 3- ElixirAll - Restores all health to all party members
Rank 4- RestorePOW - Restores all negative status effects on the party, as well as any status enhancing effects on both friends and enemies. Effects everyone
Rank 5- None
Rank 6- Razor - Throws a hail of razors, hitting all targets within range 0-7 times
Rank 7- : LightAll - Divine Power against all enemies. Can kill undead or evil enemies instantly. Damage is cumulative as battle goes on
Rank 8- PetriEyes - AllMighty glares at the enemies, causing enemies to turn to stone. Has a 50% chance of working

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