Host- Ellen Johnson
Strengths- No effect against Wind
Weakness- Weak vs. Guns
Rank 1- Blaze - Medium level fire spell, hits one target
Rank 2- Gradual Healing - Curative spell that heals a decent amount of health every few minutes. Keeps on working even after health is at max, so if someone is hurt, they just begin to heal again
Rank 3- Wing Flap - The Phoenix flaps it's wings, causing turbulent winds to hit all nearby enemies, doing a moderate amount of damage
Rank 4- None
Rank 5- Fire Breath - The Phoenix rears back and breathes fire on all enemies in range, doing a great amount of fire damage, but not as much as Emperor:Dragon.
Rank 6- TrapCure - A spell that casts a barrier around the entire party, protecting them from traps that litter the field or dungeon. Can only be cast out of battle
Rank 7- Arise from the Ashes - A spell that can only be used by Sun:Phoenix. This spell brings all dying party members back with full health and magic/Summoning Power, with no penalty whatsoever to the host.
Rank 8- Inferno - High level fire spell that engulfs all enemies in scorching flames.

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