Frank Maynard's

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Human
History- Oddly enough, Frank isn't from Windia. He's from a city called Lunarvale, in a different dimension. Frank was a normal teenager, until the SEBEC scandal that rocked Lunarvale. Demons came into his dimension, and the city was sealed from the rest of the world. Frank gained his powers as a Persona user when he and his friends defended some nurses at Lunarvale General. Frank was sent to Windia by Maggie, a little girl in black. She sent his friends to an Alternate Lunarvale, while Frank was sent to Windia. In Windia, Frank's had a lot of things, both pleasant and tragic, happen to him. In fact, he now lives there, since Guido Sardenia murdered his parents during the SEBEC Scandal.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- T
Birthday- February 9th
Family- Lunarvale- Frank Maynard Jr., deceased, Marietta Maynard, also deceased. Windia: Jessica, "Jess" Rorins, a Woren female.
Fighting Style- Fencer, marksman, and Persona user
Weapon of Choice- Rapiers, and his pump shotgun, taken from the Lunarvale Police Department. He also uses a boomerang weapon that he developed in the Reverse Edge. The weapon is called a Slasher.
Special Ability- Persona, able to equip five at a time now, since he has recently matured as a Persona User. Only one Persona can be activated at a time. Also can negotiate fairly well. Can sing extremely well, and always has a knack for being the one to listen to other's problems.
Special Element- Rotates according to Persona activated, but is in truth, Lightning
Favorite Possession(s)- Chuan Pendant, left behind for him when Justice:Chuan was summoned, plus a leather jacket he brought back from the Snow Queen Incident. It's got a picture of an angel on the back dropping a bomb, with the words "Made in Heaven" above it. It was a gift from his late parents.
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Sing! He has a group with Ellen, Nate, and Alex called "The Blazing Dragons". Also can be seen hanging out frequently with Kate.
Favorite Number- 7
Favorite Color- Hunter Green and Dark Blue
Favorite Animal- Tiger
Favorite Flower- Orchid, other than that, sometimes he's allergic. ^_^
Favorite Season- Spring
Worst Fear-Not being able to protect his friends or loved ones in their times of need. Past events have also made him have a fear of death.
Useless Talent- At lunch once during his days at St. Hermelin, he managed to belch the Blue Danube, much to Mark's amusement. That's really the only time he's done it.
Personality Quirk- Serious most of the time... but will Joke around. Also tends to have a short fuse if any of his friends or loved ones are in mortal danger.
Nervous Habit- Tends to cross his arms a lot, when he's thinking or negotiating. Odd, huh?
Intersting Fact- When Frank leads on a quest, everyone seems to look up to him. Also, when others have problems, Frank is usually the first one they turn to for comfort and guidance. Despite this, Frank is just your average, fun loving teenager.
Persona Held- Oddly, all of Frank's Persona are former destined from Windia, save one. All of his Persona are unique to him, and cannot be used by any other Persona user. Only one Persona he has can be used by any other Persona User. His Persona are:

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