Janet Meyers'

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Windian
History- Janet's bloodline is 100% windian... which is very hard to achive in a society where most windian's now have a bloodline that's been mixed with atleast one other race. ~pauses for a second~ So, if you'd bother to do the equation, you might notice something about Janet's family that I'm not going to mention anymore about in this profile. =^-^= Story purposes and all. Besides, I've already given you people a big enough hint. ~pokes~ Oh yea, here's another hint, while being 100% windian, Janet doesn't have any wings. Her parents do though, but Janet doesn't. Anyway, Janet was born and raised in a Windian Noble family, her family is pretty well known in Windia =^^= heh... Janet used to be extreemly pro-windian. She didn't think very well about people of other races, and she absolutely hated dragons. Well... then some stuff happened, and her view's been flopped around a bit. Now she's just having a hard time figuring out what to think anymore.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- H
Birthday- April 3rd
Family- Mother- Janice Meyers Father- Ben Meyers
Fighting Style- Magic User/um... if there's a general term for people who use guns to fight, insert it here. =0-o=
Weapon of Choice- Revolver that her dad bought her when he first started taking her out on short hunting trips when she was about ten. She also has a beretta she got from Frank, but she doesn't use that much.
Special Element- Holy
Favorite Possession- Janet got a few nifty things from a trip to Lunarville she took with Frank and a few of his friends. Frank bought her a beautiful dress that Janet adores, and Janet received a spell card with an angel on it from an angel who was talking to her. Janet adores angels...
Favorite Quote- "Jason, shut up."
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Hang out with Lucy.
Favorite Number- 7
Favorite Color- Green
Favorite Animal- Birds
Favorite Flower- Orchid
Favorite Season- Summer
Least Favorite Day of the Week- All of the ones that have school in them.
Worst Fear- Being alone.
Musical Talent- Janet's a very good singer.
Useless Talent- Can put up with Jason for long periods of time without killing him ~gasp!~ Which is very unusual for her, because Jason and Janet are almost always fighting. =0-o=;;
Personality Quirk- Janet can be very stubborn. She's extreemly outgoing, loves being the center of attention, and loves to argue. She also fights a lot with words ~unlike Jason who'd just walk up and punch you instead of saying hi. =0-o=;;~ so she yells at people a lot. She's also rather apathetic to most people other then Lucy and sometimes Justin.
Intersting Fact- Janet is the 'leader' of the WINGS group, and has been for some time now. WINGS had started out as a pro windian gang in Windia, that over all really didn't like Ray. However, after being forced to spend some time with the dragon, Janet's gotten over much of her dislike for Ray. That, and Janet's feeling rather suspicious about her boyfriend, Justin, and Candice, one of the other girls in the WINGS group. WINGS seems to be slowly falling apart, the death of one member, Lucy all out leaving the group, and now the uneasyness between the remaining members. There's no telling what's in store for the group, but it's probably not going to be good.
Spells Known

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