Spells known:

Earth: Fire: Healing: Status Affecting:
Stone Pillar- Earth attack against one opponent.
Earthquake- Earth attack against all opponents.
Stone Wall- Earthen shield, guards best against fire and wind magic, guards worst against water magic, resistant to physical attacks.
Root- Roots one opponent in place.
Fireball- Fire attack against one opponent.
Fire Punch- Raises attack power and chance to do elemental damage during the attack.
Fire Shield- Flame shield, guards best against death and ice magic, guards worst against water and wind magic, resistant to physical attacks ~requires actual fire around in order to create this shield~.
Continual Light- Summons up a small fireball to cast light.
Cure 1- Cures minor wounds.
Cure 3- Cure major wounds.
Cure Blind- Cures blindness.
Cure Poison- Removes poison.
Haste- Raises speed and evasion of the caster.
Blind- Blinds an opponent.
Poison- Poisons an opponent.
Hinder- Slows down the movement of an opponent.

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