Spells known:

Status Affecting:
Speed Up- Raises speed of one target.
Defense Up- Raises defense of one target.
Attack Up- Raises attack of one target.
Strength- Raises strength of one target.
Shield- Minor shielding from most magic attacks to one target.
Cure Blind- Cures blind.
Purify- Heals curse, poison, and mute.
Dispel Stats- 1/2 chance to dispel all affects of status changing magic on one target.
Dispel Magic- 1/3 chance to dispel an offensive magic attack.
Speed Down- Lowers speed of one opponent.
Defense Down- Lowers defense of one opponent.
Attack Down- Lowers attack of one opponent.
Hinder-Slows down the movement of an opponent.
Feeblemind- Lowers accuracy and spell casting ability of one opponent.
Mute- Causes one opponent the inability to cast spells.
Curse- Random status changes begin to affect one opponent.
Poison- Poisons one opponent.
Blind- Blinds one opponent.

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