Kate (Harlow)/Chan's

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Woren
History- Kate used to live a ways out from Windia near a small woren village. Her family had a plot of land a few miles away from the village, and they lived there in a cabin and raised livestock like chickens and pigs ~yum~. When Kate was younger, her fathered died when Kate had gotten lost in the woods out in a snowstorm and her father had gone looking for her. That was about the same time that Tellka appeared to help take care of Kate. =0-o= Lose a father, gain a guardian spirit ~shrugs~ anyway... According to Tellka, Kate's dad froze to death while he was out looking for her, so that's why he's not on the scene anymore. Kate's mom was then later shot by a demon possessed Windian noble (lotsa weird stuff happens 'round here) and Tellka took Kate to Windia were she's now living with an older windian named Carrie Harlow ~hence the two last names. =^-^=;;;~

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- M
Birthday- March 28th
Family- Mother- Janis Chan (deceased) Father- Saul Chan (deceased) Guardian- Tellka Chanikasu (technically not family, but she and Kate share the same soul so...)
Fighting Style- Hand to hand/Learning how to use a boomerang
Weapon of Choice- Claws
Special Ability- shhhh, it's a secret for now :P
Special Element- Earth. Kate's one of those few people whose special element actually affects them in some way. She's very sensative to earth based magic, so any earth spell cast on her has double the affect. This is both a good and bad thing. It's good because if someone heals her with an earth based spell, she's healed twice as much as if anyone had been affected by that spell. However, if she's hit with an offensive earth spell, she'll take twice as much damage. Status affecting earth spells have a higher chance of affecting her and will last longer if they do.
Favorite Possession- Little Nina2 doll Frank won her at a carnival ~awww, how cute!~
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Go for walks
Favorite Number- 2
Favorite Color- Blue
Favorite Animal- Kitties!
Favorite Flower- Daffodile
Favorite Season- Summer
Worst Fear- Were tigers
Musical Talent- She's learning how the play the violin.
Personality Quirk- Niave and gullible, and almost the polar opposite of Tellka ~Kate's the good side *nod nod*~
Nervous Habit- Fidgets a lot :P she kinda stands and puts her hands behind her back and shifts her weight from foot to foot, then she'll glance around and pretend to stare at invisible things in the air. ~giggles~ It's rather cute to watch actually.
Intersting Fact- Kate's fear of weretigers was developed from the fact that her Aunt was a weretiger and well uh, was the cause for quite a few deaths in the family before she herself was killed during one of her berserks and um, well, the whole thing kinda tramatized Kate's mom, who then in turn did her best to keep Kate extreemly scared of weretigers. (It's an odd family really, there has already been two cases in which the weretiger transformation was present in the Chaupoo ~Janis' maiden name~ bloodline and they're very close to eachother. ~nods~ Very very odd thing ~scratches head~)

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