Kristeen Diagon

Page of general stats:

Age- 32
Race- Tunlan
History- Kristeen grew up in her homeland of Tunlan ~note her clothing, that's Tunlan clothing, not Windian. =~-~= Windian's don't make the bright, vivid, decorative stuff that Tunlan's do (thank goodness ~rubs her sore coloring hand~)~ until she was about 21. She then joined up with a group of travellers and became a traveling bard for eight years. Then, at 29, she moved to Windia and set up residence there. Ray joined her a year later, followed by his sister Britney a year after that. Kristeen's been the legal guardian of the two dragons ever since.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- V
Birthday- June 21st
Fighting Style- Bard =^^=
Weapon of Choice- Flute
Special Ability- Besides being able to wear clothing like that in Windia and not mind it? =0-o= Myah, um... ~thinks~ well, I guess her songs could be considered her special ablility, but they're nothing more then her fighting style. I mean... Tunlan's are raised around music, so to her it's just normal. =^^=
Special Element- Fire
Favorite Color- Red
Favorite Flower- Owl Fruit blossoms
Favorite Season- Summer
Musical Talent- She's Tunlan.. there's not much more I can say about it.
Personality Quirk- Kristeen's not very expressive. I mean, she's always got this rather bored look on her face, but it doesn't always mean she's bored. =^^= It's just how she is, she's not very expressive.
Intersting Fact- Even though she doesn't travel as much, Kristeen still considers herself a wandering bard. She'll dissapear for weeks on end from home and travel around the countryside near Windia. She does it for fun, mostly. Sometimes for money. Sometimes she follows around a carnival and plays for them as an added attraction. =0-o=

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