Lucy Conwing's

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Windian
History- Lucy used to run from her past, that past being that Lucy Conwing was once Nina Windia. However, recently Lucy's gone and had a nice little talk with the King and Queen, and has completely forsaken the name Nina unless she absolutely has to be pulled back into that old life of hers again. (i.e. the King and Queen die and Lucy's their only heir to the throne..) Anyway, Lucy used to have a wonderful older brother, Brandon, who was a good friend to her. Unfortunatily, Brandon lost his life protecting his sister and his friends, and now Lucy's going through a period of mourning. She'll pull through it though, with the help of her close friend Janet, and with Ray's help as well.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- S
Birthday- December 31st
Family- Mother- Kelly Conwing Father- Matt Conwing Brother- Brandon Conwing (deceased)
Fighting Style- Magic User
Special Element- Evil
Favorite Color- White
Favorite Flower- Roses
Favorite Season- Summer
Musical Talent- Lucy can play many many different instruments. ~counts~ She knows the harp, flute, viola, piano, plus she can sing very well. =^-^=;; Lucy really likes music... Oh, and she knows how to operate WHS's sound booth really well.
Useless Talent- She's a very good liar.
Personality Quirk- Lucy has a way of keeping her voice and facial expressions void of all emotion. If you talk to her casually, general she replies in a monotone and empty voice. The same is with her face. She rarely ever smiles, it's hard to tell if she's mad, and Lucy's also a person who doesn't laugh much. Lucy's also not a very outgoing person, granted if you talk to her first, she'll more then likely talk back. However, recently she's slowly getting over her coldness and is opening up more, with the help of Ray Bendrel. Lucy also adores children, Ray's little sister, Britney, especially.
Nervous Habit- She tends to become very silent.
Intersting Fact- Lucy's always hidden her wings under her long black hair, and she rarely ever uses them. If confronted about them, she'll usually change the subject or avoid the question altogether.
Spells Known

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