Maria Avalon's

Page of general stats:

Age- 25
Race- Windian
History- Maria's a member of the Windia Guard. Ever since she was a teenager in attendance at Windia High, she's had a strong sense of justice. She became a member of the Guard in her freshman year and has quickly risen through the ranks. Today, she is a Lieutenant. Coincidentally, she falls under the command of Brandon's father, Matt Conwing.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- M
Birthday- September 28th
Family- Michael Avalon (father, retired Windian Guard), Selina Avalon (mother)
Fighting Style- Markswoman
Weapon of Choice- Revolver and Heavy Crossbow
Special Ability- Knows some Holy magic, Wind Magic, and Curative magic
Special Element- Lightning
Favorite Possession- Customized Revolver, and a picture of her father and her from when she was little.
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Unlike another Windia Guard who rarely has any spare time, Maria makes use of her days off. She likes to take in the sights outdoors and relax with a good book.
Favorite Number- 18
Favorite Color- Sky Blue
Favorite Animal- Dove
Favorite Flower- Lilac
Favorite Season- Spring
Worst Fear- Not doing her job right, letting criminals get away with anything
Useless Talent- Maria is an a top notch pianist. When not having to deal with criminals in Windia, she can often be found at home playing the piano if she's not outside with a book.
Personality Quirk- Maria has a strong sense of justice, meaning that she will stop at nothing to bring a criminal in, knows what's right and what's wrong, and can easily tell if someone she's talking to or interrogating is lying to her.
Nervous Habit- Maria's golden wings will begin to twitch spastically if she is put under a lot of pressure.
Intersting Fact- Maria was also involved with the Coliseum Incident, back when a demon wanted Frank dead for interfering with his plans to kill Kate just like a certain relative of hers. This was way back when Frank first arrived in Windia. (See Frank's or Kate's WRPG chapters) Frank found Maria wounded and healed her, thus saving her life. Since then, Maria's been grateful to Frank, Tellka, and Kate. Because of the trio's actions, they are well known amongst the Windian Guard. Maria does know about Frank's origins, just to let you know.
Persona Held- Maria is not Philemon's charge, and can never be a Persona User.
Spells Known

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