Nate Trinity's

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Human
History- No matter how you look at it, Nate is spoiled... And is a snob. A reason for this is that his parents put their work before giving him the love and support that he needed as a child. However, his butler, Alfred, was there for him and gave him what his parents did not. Nate, however, still has an air of superiority about him. He broke down in tears in Lunarvale General when Alfred lost his life to protect some nurses. Nate was whisked to Windia from Lunarvale right before he, Alex, Mark, Chris, and Mary fought Guido in Deva Yuga. Like Frank and Ellen, Nate is a Persona user. In Windia, Nate was taken in by a successful merchant named Thomas Leslie.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- J
Birthday- April 18th
Family- Archibald Trinity (In Lunarvale), Jennifer Trinity (In Lunarvale), Alfred Westlin (butler, in Lunarvale, deceased), Thomas Leslie (Guardian, Windia)
Fighting Style- Swordsman, Marksman, Persona User
Weapon of Choice- Broadswords, especially the LaserBlade he found in alternate Lunarvale during the Snow Queen Incident. Also has his Sniper Rifle, Heaven's Gate.
Special Ability- Can summon Persona, but unlike Frank, he cannot Persona Break. Also can negotiate fairly well. Nate can now hold five Persona at a time, due to the fact that he has matured as a Persona User. Like the other Persona Users, only one can be activated at a time. At the moment, Nate only has four Persona equipped. Nate has a knack for writing speeches.
Special Element- Has a rotating innate element. It depends on which Persona is activated at the time. However, his true element is Wind.
Favorite Possession- A light blue scarf that he wears all the time. On the scarf is #1 in gold embroidering.
Favorite Quote- "I shall show you who is Number One!"
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Plays piano and drums. He's in Frank's band, The Blazing Dragons. Other than that, he's always working on speeches.
Favorite Number- 1
Favorite Color- Light Blue
Favorite Animal- Any type of bird
Favorite Flower- White Roses (rare!)
Favorite Season- Spring
Worst Fear- Stumbling while giving a speech, and losing even more loved ones.
Useless Talent- Can sell anything! Has a knack to bribe demons with useless things, such as a quarter with heads and tails reversed...
Personality Quirk- Way too serious. Nate tends to look down on those that he deems inferior to him. Sometimes, it takes a couple of hits to the head to get him to see the truth of the situation.
Nervous Habit- Nate tends to cross his arms and tap his chin when he is deep in thought.
Intersting Fact- While Nate seems cold on the outside, he does care about his friends and loved ones, though his outer mask doesn't want to show it. Nate's the way he acts because of how his parents treated him.
Persona Held-Four of Nate's Persona are unique to him. Unlike Frank, only one of his Persona is a former destined. His Persona are as follows:

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