Neko Chan's

Page of general stats:

Age- Endless, but seems to look like a teenager
Race- Hermit Class Demoness, cat-girl type
History- Neko-Chan is one of the demon types that was summoned to Lunarvale via the DEVA system. Although she is a demoness, she hates to fight, and will not unless she is provoked. However, during the Snow Queen Incident, she was the only survivor when a group of high level demons attacked her group. Luckily Alex Brandshire and Frank Maynard saved her, by pulling her out from under a destroyed car. Immediately, after sensing the Persona Users resonance and chi, she joined Frank's group to avenge her friends. Unfortunately, she exchanged her chance to go back to her dimension in order to do so. Now, she lives with Frank in Windia, and is his constant companion, sort of like a sibling.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Birthday- March 15th
Family- Jess Rorins (guardian), Frank Maynard (sort of like a brother to her)
Fighting Style- Claw to Claw, martial arts, and a few magic spells.
Weapon of Choice- Her own retractable claws
Special Ability- Well, she is a demoness, so she knows a few magic spells and special attacks. Also, she is immune to negative status magic.
Special Element- Wind, has a knack with the few wind spells she knows
Favorite Possession- Some tarot cards, Hermit and Free types
Favorite Quote- Frank! Meow! ~pounce~
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Cat-nap, pounce on Frank or Kate
Favorite Number- 18
Favorite Color- Orange
Favorite Animal- Kitties and fish
Favorite Flower- Daisy
Favorite Season- Winter
Worst Fear- Dying again and losing her mortal form, also losing her friends again
Useless Talent- Can basically charm anything by acting cute or like a confused little kitten.
Personality Quirk- Neko-Chan is a fun loving demoness. Meaning that she'll try and join in on anything fun, and try to do her best at it. In fact, she loves music and anything that involves chasing things. Also, shiny objects always seem to catch her attention.
Nervous Habit- When Neko-Chan gets nervous, both her tails begin to wave spastically, and her whiskers twitch.
Intersting Fact- Neko-Chan approaches things with a childish, curious demeanor, meaning that at times, Frank has to look out for her to make sure she doesn't get hurt.
Spells/Skills Known

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