(Can only be used by the host)
Host- Nate Trinity
Strengths- Reflect Wind/Lightning
Weakness- Weak vs. Attacks
Rank 1- Cure - Basic Cure spell, heals one target
Rank 2- Wind - Basic Wind Spell, throws a blade of Wind at one target
Rank 3- Roundhouse - Pixie deals a fierce Roundhouse kick to one target
Rank 4- HappyDance - Pixie dances a short, airborne dance, causing happiness to all targets in range. Chance of happiness is 35%
Rank 5- Flash - Basic Lightning spell, hits one target
Rank 6- GustAll - Medium level wind spell, hits all targets
Rank 7- Star Punch - Cosmic punch dealt to one target from Pixie
Rank 8- Bolt - Medium level Lightning spell, hits one target

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