(Nate's Ultimate Persona, can only be used by him)
Host- Nate Trinity
Strengths- Reflects Magic
Weakness- Weak against Spear
Rank 1- SleepSong - A lullaby that Alfred used to sing to Nate when he was little. Has a 50% chance of sending targets within range to sleep. Effects all targets within range
Rank 2- Service - Alfred offers some service to Nate. Random things can occur when this spell is used... Effects either enemies, friends, or both.
Rank 3- LoveWhip - Whip attack. Hits all enemies within range. 40% chance of rendering the targets charmed
Rank 4- None
Rank 5- ElixirAll - Restores all health to all party members
Rank 6- MagicWall - Creates barriers over all party members. If a spell hits a party member, it is thrown back at the caster. However, curative magic may get through. Lasts for three magical attacks on each party member
Rank 7- LightAll - Divine Power against all enemies. Can kill undead or evil enemies instantly. Damage is cumulative as battle goes on
Rank 8- KillPunch - Persona Physical attack. Deals massive damage through one punch. Effects one enemy

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