Ray Bendrel's

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Light Dragon
History- Ray's parents are part of a large nomadic group of mixed races that travels around the world. Ray was born to a light dragon mother and a human father, and ever since he was old enough to walk he's been trained in becoming the next 'Ryu' so to speak. Durning one of the group's stays in a spot a few miles west of Windia, Ray was wandering about aimlessly when he somehow found himself in the Windian Castle's garden, and there he first ran into Lucy Conwing (who was at that time known as Nina Windia, princess of Windia =^-^=;;;;;). Ever since then, he and Lucy have got a weird bond going. He's determined to be Lucy's 'Ryu' (since he promised her he would) and she's determined to try and forget that she was ever a Nina, which means she's been doing her best to forget poor Ray, but Ray, darn that lil LD, just won't stay forgotten. =^-^=;; Anyway, it was some time after his sister was born and his mother died that Ray's father finally decided to lighten up a bit and give Ray a life of his own, so he sent him to live with Kristeen Diagon, a half Tunlan woman that used to travel with the small nomad group before she found a place in Windia and moved in. After about a year, Jim also sent Ray's eight year old little sister, Britney, over to live with Ray and Kristeen.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- L
Birthday- September 5th
Family- Father- Jim Bendrel Mother- Katrine Bendrel (deceased) Sister- Britney Bendrel Guardian- Kristeen Diagon
Fighting Style- Swordsman
Weapon of Choice- Long sword
Special Ability- Half Dragon transformation; Full Dragon transformations- Ice, Wind, Water, Lightning, Death
Special Element- Ice
Favorite Possession- His father's longsword, given to him when he was very young.
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Take his sister to the park, or to the woods, or to the beach, or etc... basically, he likes to spend time doing things with his sister. ~aww...~ She means the world to him. =^-^=
Favorite Number- 5
Favorite Color- Dark Blue and greens
Favorite Flower- Snapdragon
Favorite Season- Fall
Worst Fear- Not being able to protect his sister ~aww....~
Musical Talent- Ray can play the ocarina and is an okay singer.
Useless Talent- He can wittle.. erm, carve things out of wood... little figurines.
Personality Quirk- Ray's actually very shy, but he's always showing it in different ways. If you don't know him/he doesn't know you very well, the shyness can be taken as a type of coldness, but he's got good reason. Dragons in general aren't very liked right now, so Ray has to be careful around most people, ~the WINGS group especially~ and isn't a very open person. It might take a while to win his friendship if you're trying to prove to him that you don't hate him for what he is, but you can easily win his friendship if you do something nice for Britney. =^-^= He'll still be shy, of course, whether you know him or not. Ray's just not used to being around people much.
Intersting Fact- Before Ray was born, his parents received a type of omen that told them that Ray was going to be born with a special destiny, but that doesn't mean he'd be the next actual Ryu. Because of this, from a very young age Ray's been trained with most all of the skills passed down through each destined cycle. He's a good swordsman, he's skilled in ice based and lightning based magic, and he already has five dragon transformations. He's even found himself a Nina =^-^=;; which is rather awkward because she's technically not a Nina anymore, but she still is kinda... but, that's okay, because Ray likes her anyway, and she likes him, and it's all well and good..
Spells Known

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