Ryan Chiba's

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Woren
History-Ryan lived a normal life, despite the fact that his father passed away when he was 14, due to an unknown illness. At age 17, Ryan and his mother, Lorenda, moved to Windia in order to start up a restaurant, which is known as "The Tiger's Catch". Ryan has been Frank's best friend since Jess took Frank in. He knows about Frank, Nate, and Ellen, and where they come from. See, Frank had to explain when he came to after being jumped in front of the Reverse Edge. When Jess and Ryan fought off Sree's flunkies, Justice: Chuan appeared near Frank, trying desperately to get some help for him. It should be known that Ryan is a descendant of Rei Chiba, but does not have the Weretiger ability. He still does not know about Frank's Persona, Hermit: Chiba.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- W
Birthday- July 17th
Family- Lorenda Chiba, mother. Ashton Chiba, father (deceased), Ellen Johnson, adopted sister
Fighting Style- Fights in the same fashion as his ancestor, Rei Chiba
Weapon of Choice- Twin knives that were left to him by his late father
Special Ability- Knows some magic, but not as much as Chris
Special Element- Earth
Favorite Possessions- His knives and a blue bandana that he uses to keep his hair tied in a loose ponytail. Both belonged to his late father.
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Hang out with his friends, and cook. Also likes to talk to Ellen.
Favorite Number- 7
Favorite Color- Blue
Favorite Animal- BiruBuru
Favorite Flower- Rose
Favorite Season- Summer
Worst Fear- Losing mother to an illness, just like he lost his father
Useless Talent- Can cook... EXTREMELY WELL! Give him a kitchen and ingredients, and he'll bring out a gourmet meal
Personality Quirk- Ryan easily gets along with anyone he meets, and is quick to make friends. However, Ryan is easy to embarrass sometimes...
Nervous Habit- Ryan's tail is always conveying his emotions. He claims that he can't control it, and that it has a mind of it's own
Intersting Fact- Ryan is descended from Rei Chiba. He doesn't like to make a big deal of it though. He and Ellen tend to get along nicely, and make a great team at The Tiger's Catch, with Ryan cooking and Ellen waiting tables.
Persona Held- Like Chris, he cannot use Persona and will never be able to, since he is not Philemon's charge.

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