~takes a really big breath~ Okay, as much as I'd love to go and spout off basically everything I know about the BoF game series...
.... I'm not. =^-^=;; Lucky you.

But I do have some links you could visit if you would like some more information.

Anyway, for a really quick overview, Breath of Fire is a game series from Capcom. You can find the first and second games for SNES, and BoF3 and 4 are out on Playstation.

Basically, the idea in all of the BoF games is that you the hero (Ryu) are destined to meet up with a bunch of friends (one of them is always a windian named Nina) and go fight some big evil thingy to save the world.

Did I mention Ryu is always a dragon?

Okay, that's the quickest overview I could give of the games. If I say any more I'll get too much into it and wont be able to stop. =^-^=;;; So go visit a few links for more information on the BoF series if you'd like to know more.

Or just go play the games or something. ~purr~

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