Memorial to 9-11

In Torana, there's not much that happens that could bother one of the Earth born Persona Users. However, back on Earth, it's an entirely different story.

Windian High School, the auditorium. As of now, five Persona Users are in Torana, in the city known as Windia. Today is a date of infamy back in their home world, and each is going to pay their respects. Without a word, Frank Maynard was going to join his friends, Brad Terranama, Yuki Kauro, Nate Trinity, and Ellen Johnson in a moment of silence, since it was the appropriate thing to do. Frank was about to enter the auditorium, when a white furred woren came bounding up to him.

"Frank!!! Frank!!!" Alyson Van Horne yelled as she skidded to a stop in front of the Persona User. "Have you seen Brad?" The woren looked the Persona User over curiously, noting that he was rather quiet and solemn today. "Hey... are you okay?"

Frank nodded. "Somewhat..."

"Why do you look so sad?" Alyson asked as her tail flicked curiously.

"Remember where I came from? Earth?" Frank said quietly. "Today's September 11th... Something tragic happened a year ago, back in the country I came from... We're showing a moment of silence for all those who lost their lives that day..."

Alyson was shocked. Never in Torana, had she ever heard of anything like that befalling Torana. In fact, she became quiet as Frank retold the story of what happened that fateful day a year ago.

"Frank... may I..." The white furred woren said quietly. Frank nodded, and gave her a candle, which he lit. Alyson accepted the candle and entered the darkened auditorium, taking a seat next to Brad.

A few seconds later, Alex Brandshire came running down the hallway. "Hey! Frank, have you seen Ellie? She's been..." The older Brandshire stopped when he saw how solemn his friend looked. "Frank? You seemed to be as stressed as Ellie..." Alex said as his ears twitched lightly.

Once more, the Persona User explained the tragic events of a year ago, shocking Alex to no end. "Frank...I... may I..."

"Go ahead..." Frank replied, before lighting a candle and handing it to his friend. Alex nodded before wandering into the auditorium as well, and taking a seat next to Ellen.

Diane came by, ears lowered and tail lashing about. "Frank! If ya've seen mah bro, tell him..." The younger Brandshire stopped when she noticed the overall mood the Persona User was in. "Hey... y'all right?"

Once more, the Persona User recited what would appear in the history books back home. Diane paled beneath her fur when she heard the tragic events. The younger Brandshire looked to the auditorium, before Frank handed her a lit candle as well. Diane entered the darkened auditorium, and took a seat next to her brother.

Chris Fallon came walking by, looking for Diane. As he passed the auditorium, the overall mood from Frank and the auditorium overcame him. The woren stopped, his ears drooped, and he finally spoke to Frank.

"Frank... what's... what's going on? And have you seen Diane anywhere?" Chris asked before running a hand through his long, jet-black hair.

"Well... Diane's in there, with her brother... as for what's going on..." Frank said quietly, before explaining once again what happened on September 11th. Needless to say, Chris felt saddened about the loss of life that fateful day.

"Hey... do you mind if I..." Chris asked as his tail waved about slowly.

"Not at all, man..." Frank said before taking another candle from his backpack and lighting it with a Zippo lighter. The woren took it with a nod and entered the quiet auditorium, before taking a seat next to his girlfriend.

As soon as Chris entered, Cynthia Westin came down the hallway. "Hey Frank..." The light brown furred wolf girl asked as she approached the curly haired Persona User. "I'm looking for Chris..." Cynthia stopped when she noticed the overall mood leaking from the auditorium. "Hey..." the wolf girl started as her ears and tail drooped. "You okay?"

"Somewhat, Cynth..." Frank said with a sigh. "You know all about where I'm from... Something happened a year ago to this date..."

Cynthia listen curiously as Frank recalled the events. After hearing the tragic story, the wolf girl let out a whimper, before her tail abruptly stopped wagging.

"Frank... I'm... I'm sorry... is that why... in the auditorium?" The wolf girl said quietly.

"Yeah..." Was all the Persona User could manage to get out.

"Would you mind.... If I..." Cynthia asked in a hushed voice.

"No, not at all, Cynth..." Frank replied before handing the wolf girl a candle. The Persona User lit it with his lighter before Cynthia entered the auditorium and took a seat.

Two more voices rang out from further up the hall, catching the young man's attention.

"Myah!!! Frank!" Neko-Chan yelled out. The nekomata was still in her school uniform.

"Hey Frank..." Ryan Chiba said as he and Frank's "sister" raced toward the Persona User. Both of them stopped short, when they saw how solemn the young man was.

"Myah? Frank?" Neko-Chan asked as she examined her brother. "Meow... you don't look well..."

"What's wrong?" Ryan asked as his tail flicked lightly.

"Neko-Chan, Ryan..." Frank said with a sigh. As it was, the curly haired Persona User was on the verge of tears. "It happened a year ago today..."

"Myah... that..." Neko-Chan replied as her ears and tails drooped. "Meow... I heard stories back in my realm... but... myah..."

"What happened?" Ryan asked as he adopted the famous Chiba thinking pose.

Once more, the Persona User relayed the events of the tragic day. Frank's best friend was obviously shocked about what had happened.

"So that's why..." Ryan said quietly. "The moment of silence... is like a memorial..." The blonde haired woren looked toward the auditorium entrance, before turning back to his friend. "May I?"

Frank just nodded before handing his friend a candle and lighting it as well. Ryan Chiba walked into the auditorium and took a seat.

"Meow... Frank..." Neko-Chan said quietly. "Myah... I'll... wait with you here... myah... this is stressing you out..."

Frank said nothing but began to cry against his sister's shoulder. Neko-Chan took him into a great kitty hug, trying to soothe the distraught Persona User.

Lucy Conwing and Janet Meyers walked down the hall, looking for one Yuki Kauro. Both of them saw Frank breaking down, and rushed over to him.

"Frank!" Janet yelled in worry. Oh Ladon... does this have to do with his past?

"Neko-Chan..." Lucy started as she crouched beside the two siblings. "What... what happened?"

"Myah..." The nekomata said in a solemn voice. "Meow... something... happened back home... something terrible... one year to this day..."

"This day?" Janet asked, checking for the date. "September 11th?"

Neko-Chan just managed a nod.

"What exactly happened?" Lucy asked the catgirl demoness.

Neko-Chan managed to explain what had happened in New York that fateful day. Needless to say, Lucy and Janet were in a state of shock, and both were trying to control their emotions.

"Ladon..." Lucy managed to squeak out in a whisper.

"That's... that's..." Janet added in, holding back a few tears. "Is that why... the solemn feeling?"

Neko-Chan just nodded slightly.

"We'd... like to offer our condolences..." Lucy said before running a hand through her raven-black hair. "Would both of you mind?"

"Myah... no. Not at all..." The nekomata said before pulling two candles from Frank's pack and giving them to the Windians. Neko-Chan took Frank's lighter as well, and lit the candles before both of them entered the dark auditorium and took a seat. If one was to look closely, the spirit of Brandon Conwing could be seen following his sister in.

Ray Bendrel came down the hall, looking for his girlfriend. When he saw Neko-Chan comforting Frank, the light dragon made his way toward brother and sister, obviously concerned.

"Neko-Chan?" Ray asked nervously, before the mood from within the auditorium finally hit him. "Oh Ladon... what's wrong?"

"Meow... back home... a year ago today... a tragic event... in another city..." Neko-Chan said. Her ears were drooped considerably, while her whiskers twitched lightly.

"Back home? You mean Lunarvale..." Ray asked the distraught demoness. "Meow... not Lunarvale, but another city, Ray... in the country Frank's from... Myah... New York..." The demoness replied quietly.

"What happened?" Ray inquired. Neko-Chan looked at the light dragon and began to explain what had happened in New York and Washington D.C. that fateful day. After she had finished her tale, Ray stood there, in shock.

"Ladon no..." The light dragon whispered. "Why?"

"Meow... we... we don't know..." Neko-Chan said quietly.

"Well..." Ray said as he eyed the auditorium doors. "It would be best if I paid my respects..."

Neko-Chan nodded and handed the light dragon a candle, before she flicked the lighter open and lit his candle, before Ray entered the auditorium and took a seat next to Lucy.

"Myah... Frank?" Neko-Chan said to her brother. "Are you okay? Meow?"

"I..." Frank said as he removed his glasses and wiped his face with the back of his hand. "I think so... Jeez... it's been a year... and..."

"Meow..." Neko-Chan said, silencing her brother by putting a finger to his lips. "It's okay... It's okay to cry..."

Jason Burnhart, Natasha Crinale, and Chad Wingston were walking down the hallway at that time. When Natasha saw Frank crying, she stopped Jason and Chad abruptly.

"Neko-Chan..." The succubus said quietly as she approached her two friends. "What... what happened to him? Wait... is this about what happened a year ago?"

"The fuck?" Jason muttered.

"Dude, chill..." Chad said as he opened and closed his wings lightly. "Natasha? Could you tell us what happened?"

Natasha let out a sigh as both her ears and her wings drooped. "It's... rather complicated... Both of you know where Frank is from, right?"

"Yeah..." Jason said as he rubbed his fingers together.

"So... what happened? Back home... Lunarvale, right?" Chad asked curiously.

"Not Lunarvale... but two cities... New York, and Washington D.C. The story spread like wildfire back where I**m from..." The blue haired succubus said with a sigh. She then relayed the tragic events from a year ago, bringing both teenagers to a shock.

"Oh Ladon..." Chad said quietly.

"... fuck..." Jason said quietly. The red haired Windian opened his mouth to say something, anything at all to lighten the mood. Words failed Jason Burnhart, since that was something that he couldn't find anything at all to say something about.

"Neko-Chan..." Natasha said quietly. "Would you and Frank... mind?"

"Meow... no...not at all, Natasha." Frank pulled three candles from his pack and gave them to Neko-Chan, before she lit them and handed them to her friends. Chad, Jason and Natasha took a seat in the auditorium and remained silent.

Maria Avalon was visiting Windian High school that day. The young woman was walking the halls of her old high school, when she caught sight of Frank and Neko-Chan. The golden winged Windian made her way to the distraught siblings, a look of worry on her face.

"Ladon... Frank, you look devastated... are you okay?" The golden winged Windian Guard asked.

"I dunno." Frank said quietly. "Something happened a year ago today... back home... something very tragic, Maria..."

"What happened?" The blonde haired Windian inquired.

"Myah..." Neko-Chan started. "It's a long story... Meow... It happened in two cities... New York, and Washington D.C."

Frank looked at the guard and began to recap the events that had happened that fateful day. Needless to say, Maria was shocked. Her wings drooped before she addressed the young man in a solemn tone.

"Oh Ladon... all those innocent lives... In those two buildings... And in Washington..." Maria said quietly. "Frank... I'd... like to offer my condolences... On behalf of the Guards..."

Neko-Chan rooted through Frank's pack and pulled out a candle before handing it to Maria. Frank retrieved his lighter from his sister and lit the candle, before Maria herself entered the auditorium and took a seat.

Luke Mickel strolled down the hall, apparently still angry about losing a fight to Frank in the coliseum. He spotted the Persona User with his sister, and was about to give them both the thrashing of their lives. However, the over all mood from the auditorium and the Persona User stopped him. Instead, he approached them both. The forest clanner stood in front of both siblings and crossed his arms.

"What the hell has you both worked up?" Luke said with a growl.

Frank just let out a sigh. "Something... terrible happened a year ago today, Luke..." The Persona User began to retell the horrible story, while Neko-Chan remained silent, since she was rather intimidated by the large wolf guy standing there in front of her.

"They did WHAT?! Ladon, If I ever get my hands on those fuckers that did that... on your own territory as well!" The forest clanner growled out. Luke was about to go off, when a hand from the Persona User stopped him.

"Luke... don't worry about it... But..." Frank said quietly.

"But what?!" The forest clansman growled at the Persona User. All Frank did was give a candle to him, before he pulled his lighter out and lit it. Luke got the message and made his way into the auditorium before taking a seat.

Four girls wandered down the hallway, talking amongst themselves. They were about to pass Frank, Neko-Chan, and the auditorium, when the mood finally overwhelmed them. A human girl dressed in Tunlan clothing looked at the siblings, before finally speaking to the Persona User.

"Hey..." Sabs Morgan started. "What's wrong?"

A Windian looked at both of them before she fluttered her small, puffy wings. "You two seemed stressed... what's wrong?" Amber Brye asked.

Tym Black ignored Neko-Chan all together and focused on the Persona User. "What's wrong with you? You're usually smiling..." The gray furred wolf girl said with a lolling grin.

Frank looked at Tym before letting out a sigh. "There's not really a reason today... see, something... tragic happened a year ago to this day..."

Chelsea Procter let out a snort before shaking her head, making her blue mane whip about lightly. "What happened?"

Frank recalled the events once more for the four girls, telling them about what had happened in New York City and Washington D.C. By the time he was finished, he had Tym and Chelsea shocked, while Sabs and Amber were nearly in tears.

"Oh my..." Was all that Amber managed to get out.

Tym let out a long growl. "If I ever find the bastards that did that... I'll..." The wolf girl let out a feral snarl to punctuate her sentence.

"I agree with Tym..." Chelsea added in as she slapped a fist into her other hand.

"But their families..." Sabs said quietly... "Think about their families... they were all taken away without..." The tunlan dressed girl approached the Persona User. "Frank... if we could... I sense something in there... Can we..."

"By all means..." The Persona User replied before fishing four candles from his pack and lighting them. The four girls entered the auditorium and took some seats as well.

Justin Bradford and Candice Raster came down the hall, and noticed Frank. Thinking that it would be fun to mess with his friends, the two were about to barge into the auditorium, before the overall mood stopped them. Candice turned to the Persona User with a demanding look on her face.

"What's with the mood?" The blonde haired Windian asked in a demanding tone.

"Stuff... Things happened at home a year ago today..." Frank said quietly.

"What kind of things?" Justin asked the Persona User.

"Myah..." Neko-Chan said quietly. "Tragic things... an immense loss of life..."

Both siblings told the tale to Justin and Candice. When they were through, both were shocked.

"The people who risked their lives..." Justin said quietly as his wings drooped. "They..." The Windian shook his head slightly. Candice couldn't say anything at all. She stood there with a rather solemn look on her face.

Neko-Chan handed them candles and lit them with Frank's lighter. Both of them got the message and made their way into the auditorium.

Billy Lee West strode down the hallway, tipping his cowboy hat as he stretched his silver wings. The Windian noticed his rival, and was about to say something to him, until he noticed the solemn mood.

"Hey..." Billy started as he adjusted his trench coat. "Wha's with the mood, y'all?"

Frank looked at his rival, apparently relieved that he didn't want to fight. "Too much, Billy. A year ago today..."

Billy shrugged his wings. "Wha do ya mean, a year ago today?"

Neko-Chan let out a light sounding mew. "Loss of life, myah... A terrible loss of life..."

The two siblings relayed the story to the Windian Cowboy. By the time they were through, Billy was shocked, and looking at the ground.

"Ya'll..." The Windian said as his wings twitched lightly. "Tha... Thas not right, ya'll... Why? Why th' hell would someone do tha?"

"We don't know, Billy... We don't know..." Frank said quietly.

"At least... let me offer a prayer..." Billy asked. Frank nodded and gave him a candle, before Neko-Chan lit it for him. The Windian took a seat in the auditorium next to Sabs.

Finally, Kate and Tellka came by. Kate was looking for her boyfriend, while Tellka was looking to train Frank a bit more. Both of them stopped when they came across Frank and Neko-Chan.

"Frank?" Kate asked as her tail waved in worry.

"Is something troubling you?" Tellka asked as she gave the Persona User one of her looks.

"You... could say that..." Frank said quietly.

"Meow... His home, Kate, Tellka... Something happened a year ago that rocked his country... something in two cities called New York and Washington D.C." Neko-Chan said as her tails waved around tiredly.

The two siblings told Tellka and Kate about what had happened to the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the one plane that went down outside of Pittsburgh. When they were through, Kate was reduced to tears, while Tellka had a solemn, silent look.

"Why, Frank?" Kate managed to get out between sobs. "Why?"

Frank embraced his girlfriend and began to soothe her. "I don't know... I don't know..."

Frank and Neko-Chan looked at the auditorium, and pulled out the last four candles. The Persona User lit them, and gave Kate and Tellka one each, before taking the last two for themselves. The four entered the auditorium, and finally took a seat.

It was quiet in Windian High's auditorium. The occasional sniffle or sob could be heard, and the solemn faces of those present could be seen in the candlelight. Each offered prayers in their minds to God, Ladon, whoever would listen, as they remembered those lost in New York, Washington D.C., and Outside of Pittsburgh on September 11th 2001. A date to live in infamy...

AN: Kate and I are praying for those lost that day, and their families. Our hearts go out to them in their time of need...

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