A Return Trip Home

By: Frank Mayn

A.N.: This involves a fusion of some of mine and Kate's characters from the Windia RPG (WRPG) The characters are as follows. Thanks go out to my good friend Kate for descriptions of her characters:

Frank Maynard: A High School student formerly from St. Hermelin High School back in the city of Lunarvale. Now he lives in Windia and attends Windia High. What's different about him is that he's from a different dimension, and only his closest friends know. Frank's magic is in the form of Persona. He also relies on rapiers and a shotgun for self-defense.

Ellen Johnson: One of Frank's friends, also from Lunarvale. Like Frank, she was placed in Windia and now lives there. Like in St. Hermelin, she's Frank's classmate now in Windia High. She does not scare easily, due to her interest in the occult and her encounters back in Lunarvale. Ellen is also a Persona User, and defends herself with rapiers and an assault rifle.

Alex Brandshire: Lover of arts, although he might not admit it. A talented musician of sorts can't cook but appreciates good food. Has a drive to learn and succeed in school, feeling like he has to take responsibility for his younger sister's wilder actions. Disturbed by a personal secret, his only real strive is to fit in with others. Usually a laid back fighter, he does best in combat with missile weapons and is pretty good in hand to hand.

Diane Brandshire: Younger sister of Alex. Wild and compulsive, her behavior isn't usually too predictable. She enjoys athletics and outdoor activities, and feels the need to take care of her older, more laid back brother when it comes to aggressive confrontation. Her protectiveness is not only of her brother but also of her other friends as well. Rather sarcastic and a very "in your face" character, she fights best with melee and hand to hand.

Kate Harlow/Chan: A young woren girl who lost her mother one night and was taken in by an elder Windian woman named Carrie Harlow. Almost never without her guardian Tellka, Kate met Frank when he saved her at the Coliseum and has been with him ever since. Usually shy when it comes to confrontation, Kate does her best to stay out of fights unless given no other alternative, fighting best with a pair of claws that were given to her by Frank.

Tellka: Tellka is somewhat a mystery. Not much is known about her, and she seems to be the complete opposite of Kate. Tellka loves to fight, and will accept any challenge given to her. She'll do anything to protect Kate, and will fight ferociously. The only one who seems to know a lot about Tellka is Kate, and she won't say that much. Tellka defends herself with a homemade battle staff.

Janet Meyers: Windian girl growing up in a noble family. Although Windian, she lacks the wings to show of her noble Windian heritage. She, along with many of her friends and family, hold a large feeling of nativity to Windia and often scorn and mock those that come in from different races to live in their homeland. A skilled magician in the elements of fire and wind, her goal in life is to help "cleanse" her hometown and blood.

Brad Terranama: Another one of Frank's classmates, though he lives in Lunarvale and still attends St. Hermelin High School. Brad's conceited, and tends to flirt with women. All in all, Brad's a pretty smart guy, and can fight. If he meets someone who could kick his butt, he uses his charm and smoothness to talk himself out of a fight. In battle, he uses spears and machine pistols.

Yukino "Yuki" Kauro: Another student from St. Hermelin High. Like Frank, Ellen, and Brad, she has the power of Persona. Yuki is a calm, collected student, and protects those around her. In fact, most of the student body looks up to her. Yuki works at the Yin/Yan across from the Sun Mall. She dreams of being a photographer someday. In combat, Yuki uses throwing razors and a combat shotgun.

I will introduce minor characters into the story one at a time. When a minor character intro is shown, it will be in italics. E-mail all comments to FrankMayn@msn.com

Home... a lot of people have one. There are a few who have memories of their former homes...

Frank Maynard... one of my chosen... along with some of his new friends and more of my chosen... they need to help...

Time flows differently in Windia than in Lunarvale. While a considerable amount of time has passed in Frank's new home... Not a day has passed in Lunarvale.

As Philemon was taking stock of the current situations at hand, the spirit of a certain Woren came in. Philemon turned from three images that he was watching. He had already gotten permission from Ladon to do what he was going to do. The spirit looked, and noticed two unfamiliar landscapes on two different "screens". The third showed her daughter and a boy she had met when they had visited once before.

"Kate..." The spirit said sadly. Philemon smiled.

"Mrs. Chan... Do not worry... She will be taken care of during this mission... The lives of all three worlds rest on them..."

Philemon: A God who lives in the place between consciousness, and unconsciousness. He seems to know a lot about different worlds. Philemon was the one who gave some of the St. Hermelin Students power to call on their Persona.

Mrs. Chan: Kate's late mother, who was killed by a demon disguised as a Windian Noble. She cares deeply for her daughter, so she found her way to Philemon's dimension in order to watch over her.

Mrs. Chan's eyes went wide. "The fate of these three worlds? How?" She was on the verge of panic, but Philemon calmed her down.

"It all has to do with the Snow Queen, back in the real Lunarvale. Some of Frank's friends need to find the pieces of a relic, but they are having a tough time doing so." Philemon said with a sigh.

"Pieces? Why?" Mrs. Chan asked with a hint of confusion.

Philemon held up a mirror frame, with several pieces of a broken mirror within.

"This was the shattered Holy Mirror. Yuki and her friends had found seventy-five of the eighty pieces. This is the only thing capable of banishing the Snow Queen from Saeko Smith.

Saeko Smith: Frank's homeroom teacher back in Lunarvale. She is a sweet and caring lady, always thinking about her student's needs.

Mrs. Chan nodded in understanding before asking about Ms. Smith. "Saeko Smith???? Who...." Philemon replied quickly.

"Ms. Smith is Frank's teacher back home. While Alex, Mary, Nate, and Frank were in a certain place, she was possessed by the Snow Queen. The power in the reassembled mirror right now only brought the school back to their world. Unfortunately, The Snow Queen took the opportunity to infest Lunarvale with stronger demons. Not only that, the school is still iced over, and she hid the final five pieces of the mirror in the city..."

Mrs. Chan nodded in understanding. "What can she do to our city if she is not stopped?"

Philemon looked at her gravely. "Then all three worlds will become iced over wastelands, unlivable by anything..."

Mrs. Chan just looked at Philemon in shock, then at the image of her daughter sitting beside a young man.

It was an ordinary day at Windia High, or so it seemed. At the moment, classes were changing. There were also students that were busy at the moment. Two of those students were Frank Maynard and Kate Chan, who were currently doing research on projects.

"Kate... did you pick up that book on the history of the Woren Clan?" Frank said quietly. When he got no response, he turned to see Kate with her face buried in said book while sitting at the table.

"Wow... this is neat! I didn't know that..." Kate said in interest as Frank took a seat beside her at the table.

"Oh? Like what?" Frank asked as he took a notebook out and set it on the table.

Kate looked up from her book to talk to Frank. "It says here that my clan used to specialize in different skills! Some were warriors... others mages..." She then scribbled something down in her notebook.

Frank looked like he was concentrating for a moment, before looking at Kate. "Katt said that is true... She met a Woren ranger who used rapiers, and had some minor skills in healing magic..." Frank was about to write it down, when he dropped his pen.

"Kate..." He said without moving his eyes.

"Yes Fra..." Kate looked up from her notes and saw what Frank was looking at.

There was a yellow butterfly floating over the table. As soon as Kate looked up, a blue portal emerged and sucked the two students in.

In the Windia Coliseum, all seemed normal as well. As usual, a fighter by the name of Tellka was kicking butt and taking names.

It was in her dressing room when Tellka realized something was wrong.

"Kate!!! Where... What..." Tellka was beginning to panic. This only happened once before, when Kate and Frank were whisked off somewhere during the coliseum incident.

Tellka was furious over the fact that she couldn't talk to Kate. Not only that, but she was hurting a little bit after being blasted by a few spells in her last fight.

Tellka grabbed her staff and was about ready to storm off when something caught her attention.

"A butterfly???" Tellka said to no one in particular. She was staring at a yellow butterfly.

"How did a butterfly get in here?" She said to herself. That's when it happened.

Like in the school, a blue portal appeared and sucked Tellka in. If one listened carefully, you could hear her screaming and cursing as the portal closed.

It's now lunchtime over at Windia High. Many of the students are eating what they brought from home, or the sorry excuse they serve to the students. One of those students is Alex Brandshire, who is now taking a seat next to an exotic looking girl named Ellen Johnson.

Ellen wrinkled her nose in disgust. "Alex... I'm wondering... I know I'm your girlfriend... and I deserve to know... How can you stand to eat that stuff?"

Alex let out a low chuckle. "Well... it is better than what Diane tries to cook..."

"I heard that!" Diane yelled as she approached the table. She greeted her older brother with a playful punch to the arm.

"Ow... Jeez Diane... watch it!" Alex said as he pulled his arm away and tried to rub some feeling back into it.

"Ya asked for it, insultin' my cookin' an' all..." Diane said as she sat opposite of Ellen.

Ellen looked around. "Hey... where's Nate... and Ryan for that matter?"

Diane shrugged. "I dunno... I think Ryan had somethin' to do fer a class... And I saw Nate writin' somethin' in the auditorium."

"That would be a speech, Diane. Nate's a great speech writer... Hey... you notice something else? Kate and Frank are usually never this late..."

Alex looked around. "You're right... both of them are usually on time for lunch..." He was about to say something else when he heard a female from behind him.

"Gee... I don't know... maybe Kate and Frank finally wised up and decided to ditch you furballs."

Ellen scowled, and Alex and Diane turned to face Janet Meyers.

"Look... we don't need this, Janet..." Alex started.

"Just like our fine city doesn't need more of you." She replied with a grin.

Diane bared her fangs and was about to say something, when Ellen interrupted them.

"Guys... look..." She started.

Alex, Diane, and even Janet stopped to look at what Ellen was talking about.

"So what?" Janet started. "It's just a stupid butterfly."

"I've never seen one like that..." Alex stated.

Diane rolled her eyes. "Alex... it's only a butterfly.." It was then that hell broke loose.

Like in the two other cases, a blue portal formed and sucked the four students through. If one listened carefully, you could hear screams and comments from all four of them. The portal then closed to the amazement of an entire student body.

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