A Return Trip Home

AN: Here we go! As I said before, this is a crossover story using my WRPG characters and Kate's WRPG Characters. Thanks go out to Kate once again, for actually letting me use her characters. E-mail all comments to FrankMayn@comcast.net

After leaving Sun Mall, the entire group started toward the shrine, using the directions that Frank had given them back at the Joy Street Shopping District.

After a quick debate, Frank and his friends decided not to stop at the Yin-Yan, and just head to the shrine using the back streets and alleyways. Eventually, all of them had made it to the safety of the Shrine.

"Nothing's changed since the last time we were here..." Ellen said quietly.

"Ya were here before y'all came to Windia?" Diane asked.

Frank nodded. "We had to come here after we were given our Persona. Ellen sought us out from the school. Would you believe that she walked all the way to Lunarvale General without a Persona?" Frank explained.

Alex let out a low chuckle. "That's my girl for you... brave... caring..." He said as he smoothly slipped an arm around her.

Yuki and Brad just chuckled. Nekomata, on the other hand was looking at something on the floor.

"Meow... there's something on the floor here... BLOOD?!?! MYAH!!! It looks... and smells like it's been here for a few hours, meow."

Yuki spoke up. "Nancy... it must have been from her... when we found her here..."

"Nancy??? Who's Nancy? Frank never told me about a classmate named Nancy..." Kate said quietly. Kate's tail and ears began to twitch, as if to show that she was thinking.

Frank looked at Kate. "Nancy is Mary's mom, Kate. She works at SEBEC, just like..." Frank drifted off, and a frown appeared on his face.

"Yo, Frank... You ok?" Brad asked. Frank remained silent, obviously deep in thought about something.

Tellka looked at Brad and Yuki. "Just let him be. If he wants to, he'll tell you at a later time."

A serious look, plus one that said "I mean it" earned a nod from Both Brad and Yuki. They had noted, however, that Kate was over there, comforting him. This left the two teens wondering what exactly had happened to Frank in Windia.

Janet just shrugged at the scene, and began to wonder around the shrine. Once again, the butterfly that she had seen back in Windia appeared. This time, however, Janet narrowed her eyes and drew her gun, ready to shoot it.

"Damn butterfly..." Janet said as she held her finger over the trigger. A yell from Brad stopped her.

"Janet!!! Don't!!!" Brad yelled. Janet only turned to glare at him.

"Give me one good reason not to... this... thing... brought me here..."

"That's how Philemon shows himself!" Yuki added.

"Philemon???" Janet asked.

"A God..." Frank said, obviously feeling better. "The God residing between time and space... He gave my friends and me the power to call on our Persona..."

Janet laughed. "A God... that shows up in the form of a wimpy butterfly... What kind of weak-assed God is that?"

Diane growled. "I dunno, girl... but I have th' feelin' tha' we're about ta find out..."

With those words, a flash of light engulfed the students and the demoness. When the light disappeared, they were gone.

"Where... are we?" Alex asked. Suddenly, two figures approached. One was the spirit of a Woren, while the other was a man wearing white, who was also wearing a white mask.

"Who... is... that...meow..." Nekomata got out.

Kate immediately beamed. "Mom... MOM!!!" Kate immediately ran to the spirit of her mother, while Tellka watched in amusement. Apparently, she was now convinced that Frank had told her the truth back in the coliseum.

The students that were not familiar with Philemon looked around quietly. The only sounds heard was the idle chat coming from Kate and her mom, catching up on things from the last time she had visited with Frank.

The sound of a throat clearing caught everyone's attention, including Kate, Tellka, and Nekomata. Everyone turned to the source of the noise, and saw Philemon.

Philemon took a bow. "Welcome back, Persona users... I welcome you too, citizens from the World of Dragons. Nekomata... since you are now a demon reformed, I also welcome you. " At the mention of the word "Dragon", Janet scowled.

"My name is Philemon... I am the god who resides here... In the place between consciousness, and unconsciousness... I watch over the different worlds, as a guardian. When the world that is my charge was over run with demons... I chose those worthy enough to be given my power... Persona..."

Diane was shocked. "Ya mean that we're gunna git th' same powers that Frank an' Ellie have???"

Philemon shook his head. "You are not my charge, young woren. If I could, I would have given them to you. But you and your colleagues from Windia are the charge of another God: Ladon."

Diane grumbled. "First no gun... now no Persona..."

Alex spoke up. "If we are not your charge, then why were we brought to Frank's world?"

"With the permission of Ladon, I brought you to Frank's world. What is going on now will affect all three worlds if it is not stopped." Philemon explained.

Tellka spoke up. "You said three worlds, yet Frank had only told me and Kate about two. What is the third world?" As she was speaking, she looked at Frank accusingly.

"The third world is an alternate form of the city you are now in. It was created by someone Frank and Ellen know, to serve as a utopia. As of now, the third world, an alternate Lunarvale, is crumbling. The only thing keeping it up are the memories of a young lady who is Frank's and Ellen's classmate." Philemon explained.

"Seriously? You mean Mary, right?" Brad shot in.

Mary Richards: Another Persona user who is Frank's classmate. Frank fought alongside her, Ellen, and Nate up until the point that they had been separated. Mary seems to be the key figure to the Lunarvale Scandal.

"That is correct, Brad." Philemon said.

"Get to the point. Why are we here? I just want to go home, and go back to sleep." Janet said with a yawn.

Philemon turned to Janet. "Be patient young one. There is still a lot to be done before you all can return home. I know that two Persona users here now consider Windia home..." Philemon said as he motioned toward Frank and Ellen.

"The Snow Queen is the reason that you all were brought here." Philemon stated gravely. "If she is not stopped, then all three worlds will be turned into frozen wastelands, unlivable by anyone."

Needless to say, everyone in the room was in shock, including Janet. Kate was the first one to speak, after she averted her gaze from the swirls out in nowhere.

"Philemon... if Frank is going to help... then I am in. What do we have to do in order to save our worlds?" Kate said shakily. Her mother was quick to give her some comfort.

"Yuki and Brad, along with Alana, Tad, and Tammy, have been looking for pieces of the shattered Holy Mirror. Out of the eighty pieces, seventy-five had been found. When St. Hermelin re-emerged in this world, thanks to the power from the mirror, the Snow Queen had taken that opportunity to infest Lunarvale with stronger demons, and to scatter the last five pieces through out the city."

"Snow Queen... Ellen had mentioned that to me before... Who is she?" Alex asked. As he spoke, he had put a hand up to his chin in thought.

"The Snow Queen is a powerful demon, Mr. Brandshire. As of now, she has barricaded herself in the courtyard of St. Hermelin High. Currently, she has possessed the form of Saeko Smith, the teacher of these students here." Philemon told Alex.

"So what are we waiting for? Let's just go over to Frank's old school, bust up the Snow Queen, and go home." Tellka said as she twirled her staff.

Philemon shook his head, "It is not that easy, Guardian. First off, the full power of the Holy Mirror is needed to exorcise the demon from Ms. Smith's body. Secondly, the mirror is also needed to return the school to it's normal state."

Tellka growled, while Nekomata looked on in interest.

"Purr... If the humans who saved me are going after the Snow Queen... then I'll help, meow. It's the least I could do for my friends..." Nekomata said as her ears and tails drooped.

Frank smiled. "We're all in this together, if we ever hope to get home. Philemon... do you know where the pieces are?"

"Mrs. Chan and I have looked into the matter while we were waiting for you to get here, Frank." Philemon told him.

Kate's mom spoke up. "Frank... the pieces are in the museum, the hospital, a building called SEBEC, some place called the subway... and some ruins at the northern edge of your town."

Frank nodded, and put all the information into memory. Kate spoke up.

"Mom... Philemon... thank you... Will I be able to see you again?" Kate asked.

Mrs. Chan smiled at her daughter. "Of course you will hon. If you or your friends are in trouble, just come back to the shrine. In Windia, Kate, just remember this. I am always with you... here. I will always be watching over you. And on occasion, you will be able to come here and see me."

Kate sniffed, then hugged her mom. "Thank you mom... I won't forget you."

Frank smiled as he watched the mother and daughter embrace. Suddenly, a voice shook him from his thoughts.

"So... where ta first?" Diane asked.

Frank folded his arms and thought for a few seconds. "Well... the museum is the first logical choice..."

"Seeing as I don't have the heart to go into SEBEC at the moment..." Frank thought to himself.

"Hey... ya ok? Ya don't seem like yerself.." Diane said as she studied Frank.

Frank shook his head. "I'm fine... just some bad memories..."

Yuki spoke up. "Shall we get going now?"

Frank nodded, then turned to Philemon.

"The best of luck to you all..." Philemon said as he created a portal back to the shrine. Each student exited, but as Janet tried to exit, Philemon stopped her.

"What???" Janet said quickly.

"Young lady... I want to say something to you. We all live under many masks. Sometimes you're the kind, angelic you... or the cruel demonic you. Which one are you living with, Ms. Meyers?"

Janet raised an eyebrow. "What the hell is that supposed to mean???"

Philemon sighed. "It will all come clear eventually. Go now... into the world that is not your home. And try to save your world..."

Janet only turned around, and stalked toward the portal. However, Philemon's words seemed to linger in her mind.

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