A Return Trip Home

AN: Once again, I must send out my thanks to my good friend Kate for letting me use her characters. As I said before, this is a crossover story using my WRPG characters and Kate's WRPG characters. E-mail all comments to FrankMayn@comcast.net

The group, after talking, was now back in the shrine. Solemn looks adorned all their faces, after they had heard what they had to do.

"The fate of three worlds..." Alex began quietly.

"Lies on our actions." Frank finished up. It was nothing new to the Hermelin students, since they had originally set out to stop Guido from destroying all of humanity. But having the fate of a new world that three, one currently not present, now called home... That was a load on their shoulders.

Diane broke the silence. "Ya said tha' we should head to th' museum first... Whar in th' city is it?"

Frank pulled the GPS out again, and showed it to his friends.

"The signal... man... Anyhow, the museum is on the western edge of town, near the barrier that's currently enclosing Lunarvale from the outside world."

Kate's ears twitched. "So how do we get there?"

Yuki spoke up. "We leave, head toward the school, and head north along the barrier. Eventually, we'll reach the Lunarvale Museum of Natural History."

Janet groaned. "Oh great... more walking. How far this time?" Janet said as she adjusted her pack. It was apparent that she was not used to carrying a full backpack, containing ammo and necessary supplies, along with that dress she had bought.

Brad spoke up. "It's not that far... when we get back into the main streets, we're right across from St. Hermelin. You know... I could..."

Janet interrupted him. "No thank you. I can handle it on my own." She said coldly.

"... Ouch..." Brad said.

Ellen spoke up. "We should get going... the sooner we finish this, the faster that we can go home."

Everyone nodded in unison. It was then that Nekomata spoke up.

"Meow... where'd Tellka go? It's like she disappeared..." It was then that she realized that Tellka was the spirit part she sensed about Kate earlier. But she decided not to say anything.

"She went ahead, just to scout..." Kate replied. And with that, everyone left the shrine.

Once again, the group of teens and one fun loving demoness left the shrine, and followed Frank's directions. None of the demons gave them any respect, so they ended up fighting a lot. As they passed St. Hermelin, everyone who was not familiar with the school was looking at it.

"Good gawd! Lookit the size of their school! It's huge!" Diane said with wide eyes.

Alex turned to Ellen. "Hon... you never told us your school was that big... Three stories? And..." Alex looked beyond the front gates, which were made of elaborate iron. "A swimming pool?"

Ellen smiled. "Yeah... I just didn't want to brag about my old school..."

"I want to go to your school! It even has tennis courts... a baseball field... And... the gym looks brand-new! Complete with a covered walkway!" Janet said in awe. One could tell that she was actually jealous of their school.

"Meow! It is big! BIKES!!! Shiny..." Nekomata said as she glanced at some of the bikes under the covered bike racks.

Frank chuckled. "We'll come back here later... after we've found the last five pieces of the mirror."

Kate just stood, staring at the clock tower. "Wow... so this is what the outside of your school looks like..."

Yuki grinned. "Like Frank said, we'll come back later. We've got a job to do."

Without anymore words, the group headed north toward the museum.

Eventually, the group made it to the museum. In Exhibit Room A, the group separated and tried to get their bearing. Kate wandered over to a stuffed statue of a Saber-Tooth tiger.

"Poor tiger..." Kate said sadly.

"Um... Kate... that particular breed of tiger's been dead for a few million years..." Frank explained.

Kate turned to Frank. "Then where..."

"It's a model, Kate. Man made, just to show us what they were like..."

"But the species died out long ago... poor kitties..." Kate said as she shook her head.

Alex and Ellen were elsewhere, looking at the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

"Wow..." Alex said as his tail flicked in curiosity. "That thing is huge!"

Ellen chuckled. "Of course it is... Things like this roamed the earth before humans came into play. They're called dinosaurs, Alex."

"Dinosaurs???" Alex asked as one ear twitched.

"Think of dragons that couldn't turn into a human form... They were big, but don't have the abilities that the dragons in Windia have. In fact, the dinosaurs weren't very bright..."

Alex chuckled. "So how did they die, Ellie? I mean, I don't see anything like them here..."

Ellen shrugged. "No one really knows, Alex... some say that a meteor hit and destroyed their ecosystem... some say they just... died..."

Alex just simply nodded, and just turned to idle chat with his girlfriend.

Diane and Nekomata, who now goes by the name Neko-chan in the party, were busy staring at various suits of medieval armor and swords that adorned one wall of the room.

"Lookit these swords! And th' katanas..." Diane said in awe.

"SHINY!!! Meow... I'm having a great day! All these shiny things, purr..." Neko-chan said, both eyes wide and tails waving wildly.

Diane chuckled at the demoness beside her. "Some of these look like they came from Windia... but some are totally unfamiliar..."

Yuki and Brad searched the room.

"Damn... not in here..." Brad said quietly.

"Well... let's go to the other Exhibit Room... AHH!!!" Yuki replied. As she finished, however, the entire room began to shake.

"ACK! EARTHQUAKE!!!" Alex said as he and Ellen ran from a collapsing skeleton. As soon as it was over, they looked from the skeleton, then at each other.

Janet picked herself off of the floor, and grumbled. "Not my day... I just want to go home and sleep. Did I ask to be a part of this? No. Not at all." Anet said to herself.

"Ellen! Are you okay???" Alex said with worry.

Ellen dusted her uniform off. "I'm fine, Alex. But that was close..."

Neko-chan hissed. "Meow! That felt unnatural..."

"I know what you mean... My Persona felt it too..." Frank replied.

"Frank??? I'm scared..." Kate said shakilly.

"I know... the last time that happened..." Frank said quietly.

"Look... The pathway to Exhibit Room B..." Brad said quietly.

Diane looked. "Sonofa... It's a frickin' maze now. It was straight before... but afta th' quake..."

Frank sighed. "She's testing us... it looks like we've gotta work to get that piece..."

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