A Return Trip Home

AN: You know the usual... This is a crossover story using my WRPG characters, and Kate's WRPG characters. Thanks go out again to Kate for letting me use her characters. E-mail all comments to FrankMayn@comcast.net

Tellka seemed to walk into the exhibit room, while everyone was pondering on what to do next.

"Jeez... that was some earthquake... I was coming into this place, when..." Tellka stopped in mid-sentence, as she pulled the staff off of her back.

"Something feels unnatural here..." Tellka growled.

Frank turned to her. "I wouldn't be surprised... that quake was a side effect to what just happened here... Our quick trip to find the first shard turned into a longer one..."

Tellka raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean by that?"

"Jus' look out inta tha' hallway." Diane said.

Tellka looked, and was thoroughly surprised.

"What happened out there? It's as bad as the police station..." Tellka replied.

"The Snow Queen is what happened." Alex said as he leaned against a wall and folded his arms.

"Tellka... the hall was straight before that quake... after it hit... well..." Kate tried to explain.

"What Kate is trying to say is that the hallway leading to the exhibit room was normal... but the Snow Queen is trying to... well... I guess test us." Yuki explained.

Tellka growled. "This demon is getting on my nerves..." In the back of her mind, Tellka still hadn't forgotten about the demon that came after them in the police station.

"Meow... mine too..." Nekomata said quietly.

Frank shook his head. "Look... we need to get to that piece, if we ever hope to get home. The way I see it, we can split up here... A team of five will go in, and get the shard. The rest will wait here."

"Hold on a second, boy..." Janet started. "Why only five? Are you scared?" Janet said with a smirk.

Frank turned and glared at her. "Lighten up, will you? Anyhow, the hallway is narrow, and won't allow enough room for all of us to fight. If five go, that team has a better chance of getting through."

"I see what you're saying... So who's going?" Tellka asked.

"I am. Anyone else?" Frank said.

"I'll go with you, Frank." Kate said quietly.

Tellka twirled her staff. "And where Kate goes, I go. I could use the workout..."

"Anyone else?" Frank asked.

"I'll go in! Heck... you'd be lost without me!" Brad said as he flashed his usual V for victory.

Diane rolled her eyes. "Well... I got nothin' to lose... and this might be fun... I'm in."

"All right then. Guys... keep an eye out. We'll be back soon, ok?" Frank said to the remaining party.

Yuki nodded. "We'll see you shortly."

As the group was about to head into the halls, Alex spoke up.


Diane turned. "Yeah bro?"

Alex looked at her. "Be careful in there..."

Diane raised an eyebrow, before nodding to her brother. She then ran after Frank, Kate, Tellka, and Brad.

"Shoot... this place is really screwed up..." Frank said quietly.

"Do ya think this place is infested?" Diane said as she looked around.

Brad was about to reply, when a group of demons came out of virtually nowhere and attacked them.

"Does that answer your question?" Brad said as he pushed a button on the hilt of his spear to make it extend.

Frank and Tellka drew their weapons, while Diane got into a fighting stance. Kate slowly raised her fists, and was visibly shaking.

Brad was the first to act. He noticed that the demons were a bird type, so he replaced his spear with his machine pistol.

"Whassup???" Brad said as he unloaded a clip into the bird demons. As each spray of bullets hit the demons, they gasped in pain.

Frank followed suit, and pulled his shotgun from his back.

"Try it..." Frank said in a daring tone as he squeezed the trigger of his gun. Each demon roared in pain, and was now visibly weak. Frank pumped his shotgun, and noticed that Diane and Kate were shaking their heads.

"Loud..." Kate said. Diane charged a demon, and greeted it with a flurry of kicks and punches which instantly killed the demon and made it fade from existence. Tellka, on the other hand, leapt and smashed another demon in the back, instantly killing it.

The demon sneered at the crew, and yelled.

"WIND ALL!!!" As soon as it spoke, Frank's party was hit by massive blades of wind. Everyone groaned in pain, especially Kate. Frank countered the magic by blasting the demon to oblivion.

"Ouch... Everyone ok?" Frank asked.

"Define ok... Jeez... This is as bad as that time Alex fought Janet an' her friends..." Diane said as she gingerly touched a cut.

Tellka and Brad were pretty much banged up, but their main concern was Kate. Tellka ignored her injuries while she tended to Kate.

"Ouch... Tellka... it hurts..." Kate said softly as Tellka probed a cut.

"Hold still Kate... It's not going to heal any faster if you keep moving..." Tellka said as she looked for something to bandage Kate up.

Frank looked at his party as he changed his Persona from Justice:Chuan to Judgement:Winlan.

"Help me!!!" Frank yelled as he raised a hand.

A blue circle appeared under Frank, as a column of soft blue light erupted from it, enveloping him. As wind and magical energies blew through Frank's uniform, a beam of light shot out of him and enveloped into Nina Winlan.

"Heal All..." Nina said softly as she made a motion with her rapier. Instantly, Frank's party was enveloped in a soft white light that healed each person's injuries.

As Frank lowered his hand, Nina, the column of light, and the circle faded back into Frank's soul.

"Wow... thank ya, Frank..." Diane said wide eyed.

Frank shrugged. "It was the least I could do... that spell was strong... Kate... are you okay?"

Kate was busy flexing her arm. "I am now... thank you Frank." Kate said with a smile. Frank nodded, and smiled back at her.

"Shall we press on then?" Frank said as he began to walk with his friends in tow.

"Exhibit Room B... Finally..." Brad said as he opened the door.

"I've never had ta run so much in mah life..." Diane said quietly.

"Hmph! I say we still could have taken those demons on!" Tellka said as she glanced around at the various exhibits.

"Tellka... most of us were wounded... We would have been killed!" Frank said as he scanned the room.

"Frank... look... there it is!" Kate said excitedly.

Sure enough, on a display stand, was a shard of the Holy Mirror, glowing with power.

"All right!" Brad said as he ran toward it. Frank grabbed his jacket, and stopped him.

"Yo man! That was not cool! Why'd you do that?" Brad said as he turned to his classmate.

Diane spoke up. "Jeez! What... is that thing???"

Kate panicked. "Frank! I thought that you said those things were dead!"

"They are, Kate! That's a demon, modeled after a Persona! HellCat!!!" Frank explained.

The HellCat growled. "How observant, Persona User... and now... you and your friends will die here..."

And with those words, HellCat pounced at the group of five.

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