A Return Trip Home

AN: Once again, this is a crossover story, involving my WRPG characters and Kate's WRPG characters. Thanks go out again to Kate for letting me use her characters! E-mail all comments to FrankMayn@comcast.net

"SCATTER!!!" Frank yelled to his group. Frank pulled Brad out of the way right as HellCat landed where both of them were standing.

As Frank pulled his shotgun from his back, HellCat seemed to sniff the air, then growled at him.

"Silver, eh? I might just have to take you Persona users out first!" Hellcat then pounced at Frank, pinning him and knocking his shotgun away.

"AGH! GET OFFA ME!!!" Frank said as he struggled. HellCat was just about to kill him, when he heard the safety on Brad's machine pistol click off.

"Foolish mortal! BOLT!!!" The Hellcat screamed. And with a flick of his tail, a bolt of lightning hit Brad, sending him flying across the room and disarming him.

"Oh GOD!!!" Brad yelled as he slammed into a display case, which promptly caused him to black out.

"BRAD!!!" Kate and Diane yelled. The Hellcat chuckled, then turned to Frank.

"Now you die, Persona user." Frank closed his eyes to wait for the mortal blow, but it never came.

The HellCat groaned in pain, and turned. Both Frank and the massive demon saw Tellka, with a ferocious look on her face. Currently, she was holding her staff in a defensive position.

"Let him go NOW!" Tellka growled out.

"Oh... I will, little kitty..." With those words and a sinister grin, HellCat slapped Frank halfway across the room, promptly sending him into a display. "FRANK!!!" Kate yelled in horror.

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!" Frank screamed as he flew across the room. Frank hit it hard, but he didn't black out like Brad. Instead, he was in enough pain to last him for a couple of weeks.

"Frank! Are you okay???" Kate said as she crouched beside him.

"Ugh... That'll leave a mark..." Frank tried to move, but found that he was in extreme pain everytime he did move, even if it was only a centimeter.

"Just rest, Frank." Kate said quietly, as she pulled a bottle of Ripobitan from her pack. "Um... is this the healing thing?"

Frank nodded weakly, while Kate just administered the medicine to him. Out of the corner of his eye. He saw Diane had scooped up his shotgun.

"Tellka! MOVE!!!" Diane shouted as she brought the gun down to her hip level.

Tellka flipped out of the way, and Diane let loose with the gun.

"AGH!" The demon yelled out. When HellCat turned to glare at Diane, Diane just let out a small grin.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Hellcat screamed. The demon lunged at Diane, but Diane was quicker. She flipped to one side, and pumped the gun all in one smooth motion.

"Ya missed! Kinda slow, aren't ya?" Diane said as she landed. Before HellCat could react, Diane blasted him with the shotgun again.

"ARGH!!! Silver!!!!" The demon howled out in pain. It was about to lunge at Diane again, when a few silver knives flew form Tellka's and Frank's direction.

"TAKE THIS!!!" Frank yelled as he and Tellka chucked silver knives at the HellCat. Kate was busy tending to Brad, trying to bring him back with a lifeorb.

Diane blasted the demon two more times, before flipping out of the way and landing beside Brad.

Brad shook his head, and got up. "Jeez... that hurt... Thanks Kate." Brad said quietly. Kate just smiled, and nodded.

"Tha' thing is strong! How many bullets do I hafta unload inta it before it dies???" Diane muttered as she checked her borrowed gun.

Brad scooped up his machine pistol. "Diane... Tellka, Frank and I will distract it. Use this if you run out of shells for that thing..." Brad said as he narrowed his eyes at the HellCat.

Diane accepted the gun gleefully. Brad then raised an arm.

"KICK IT!!!" Brad yelled, Suddenly, a blue circle appeared under Brad, and he was engulfed in a column of soft, blue light.

Wind and magical energies kicked up around Brad, blowing throughout his jacket and trademark Ace of Spades T-shirt. Suddenly, a beam of light shot out of him, and enveloped into Justice:Talon.

Tellka noticed that Talon looked like a Windian in armor, and kinda let out a small smile.

Talon glared at the demon. "RAY!!!" She yelled, and instantly, a beam of lunar energy shot out from her outstretched hand and slammed into HellCat.

"ARGH!!!! The demon yelled. It turned to Brad, and cast Bolt again, but this time, it missed Brad by a foot... but...

"YA!!!" Kate yelled as she hopped out of the way of the lightning Bolt.

"KATE!!!" Frank yelled. Tellka growled, and actually chucked a silver sword at the demon. In her anger, she only glanced the demon slightly.

The HellCat growled, and swatted at Tellka, only scratching her. Tellka raised her staff, and bashed the demon in the head.

"How dare you try and hurt Kate!!!" Tellka said as she continued to bash the demon with her staff. Tellka glance, and saw Diane was about to blast the demon.

"Frank! Move!" Tellka yelled as she flipped out of the way. Frank managed to get away as a shotgun blast hit the demon and the wall behind where he and Tellka had just been standing.

Diane actually pumped the gun with one hand, and blasted the demon again. This time, the slide on Frank's gun locked, so she slung it on her back and pulled out Brad's machine pistol. It was then that she noticed the engraving on the grip of the gun.

"Avenger? Huh? That's th' name of this thing?" Diane said as she pointed the pistol at the demon. Diane actually shook visibly as the gun unloaded a full clip into the demon.

"NO!!!" The demon gasped, as it collapsed to the ground. Finally, it faded from existence.

"ALL RIGHT!!!" Diane yelled.

"Everyone okay?" Frank asked.

"We're fine..." Kate said quietly. "Just some minor injuries."

Frank nodded, then summoned Judgement:Winlan to heal the party. Tellka looked at her arm again and nodded.

"Got it..." Brad said as he lifted the shard from the undamaged display.

"Right... let's head back to the others..." Frank said. Everyone was about to leave, when Frank and Brad turned to Diane.

"Diane... we kinda need our guns back..." Brad started.

"So soon? Can I jes keep 'em fer a bit longer?" Diane said while trying to look cute.

"No Diane..." Frank replied.

"Aww..." Diane said as she handed the guns back to their respective owners. "Y'all are no fun..." She said in a fake pout. Frank and Brad chuckled as they reloaded their guns. After they were through, the five of them trekked back to Exhibit Room A.

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