A Return Trip Home

AN: This is a crossover story using my WRPG characters and Kate's WRPG characters. Thanks go out again to my friend Kate for letting me use her characters for this. E-mail all comments to FrankMayn@comcast.net

As soon as Frank and his party returned to Exhibit Room A, Frank was pounced by one certain fun loving demoness.

"Meow! You're back!" Nekomata said before she purred happily.

"Yeah... Um... Neko-Chan... could you please get off of me?" Frank said in a low voice.

Neko-Chan looked down, and sure enough, Frank was sprawled out on the floor beneath her.

"MEOW! I'm sorry, Frank..." Neko-chan said as she hopped off of Frank's prone body. Frank immediately hopped up and dusted himself off, much to the amusement of the others in the room.

"Welcome back! Did you five find anything?" Yuki asked as she polished her throwing razors.

"Heck yeah!" Brad replied enthusiastically. He then pulled out the mirror shard.

"I can feel the power coming from it..." Ellen said as she examined her reflection in the piece.

"Yes! And we got it thanks to me!" Brad said as he flashed his usual V-for-victory sign.

Diane rolled her eyes as her tail flicked. "Brad... didn't tha' demon knock ya out?"

A big sweatdrop appeared over Brad's head.

Frank laughed lightly. "It wasn't easy... but we retrieved the shard... We had to fight a big demon to get it, though."

Alex left Ellen's side for a moment. "Diane... are you okay?" He asked out of concern.

Diane turned to her brother. "I'm fine bro... dun worry so much." She said with a smirk.

"Actually, Alex... if it weren't for Diane, the rest of us wouldn't have made it. A demon disarmed and pinned me, while it knocked Brad into a display. If it weren't for her and Tellka... I wouldn't be alive right now..." Frank said quietly. He stole a glance at Tellka, and she seemed to nod at him.

Diane grinned. "I finally got me a chance to use their guns..."

Janet rolled her eyes. "Only barbaric things like that would interest you, furball."

Diane was about to say something, when Yuki turned to glare at Janet.

"Listen Janet! I've just about had it with you and your damn mouth! Lighten up! We're all in this together! And we'll all be in this until the end!" Yuki growled at the Windian.

Everyone blinked in surprise. Yuki was really ticked, and she was showing it.

Janet narrowed her eyes and approached the Japanese teenager.

"Listen... what was it... Yukki... Yuki... whatever... It's already apparent that the entire group doesn't even care for my presence, so why should I even give a damn about what you people think? In this together, huh? Whatever..." Janet said. Before Yuki could reply, Janet stalked off to one part of the room that had a painting of some angels adorning the wall.

Frank watched the entire scene unfold right before his eyes. He shook his head slowly and began to mumble to himself.

"Frank... what are you thinking about?" Kate said quietly.

Frank turned, and saw Kate looking at him curiously.

"What's going on here, Kate... If I don't do anything soon, none of us will be able to cooperate on this..." He said quietly.

Kate just nodded, and smiled lightly at Frank.

"After our next destination, we'll head back to Sun Mall, and meet at the Velvet Room. I've gotta do something about this..."

Kate smiled brightly. She knew that Frank was concerned about his friends, and he really didn't hold a grudge against Janet.

"So where to next, fearless leader?" Tellka said with a smirk.

Frank chuckled, and pulled the GPS out of his jacket pocket, and activated it once more. This time, the signal was a bit stronger, and he gave a slight smile.

"Okay... We head to Lunarvale General Hospital next... I just have this feeling that may be the easiest location to search out next..."

"So... where's the hospital?" Alex asked as he looked at the map of Lunarvale.

"It's in the northeast corner of town, hon..." Ellen said as she pointed out Lunarvale General on the map.

Frank turned off the GPS and placed it back into his pocket.

"That's where we're heading..." Frank said quietly.

Ellen chuckled lightly. "At least this time, I'll have a little more power going there..."

"So what're we waitin' fer? Let's get going!" Diane said impatiently.

Frank nodded, and led his crew out of the museum and out into the fog covered streets of Lunarvale.

Alex shivered. "Hey..." He said as his ears twitched in curiosity. "Is it winter here?"

"No man... why do ya ask?" Brad replied casually. It was then that he noticed that the temperature outdoors had dropped.

"It's getting colder, meow..." Neko-chan said. She shivered, despite the fact that her entire body was covered in fur.

Janet grumbled. "Oh come ON! It's just..." It was then that she began to shiver. "Oh shit... you're right... it is getting colder..." She said quietly as she rubbed her arms.

"I don't like what's going on here... we'd better get to Lunarvale General as quickly as we can..." Yuki said as she glanced around. She noticed that her breath was now quite visible.

Ellen shook her head. "Forget Lunarvale General for the moment... it's beginning to snow!"

Frank looked up, and sure enough, it was snowing. What was odd though is that it was late March, and snow was definitely uncommon in the region that Lunarvale was in.

"We'd better get our asses to the school!" Brad said quickly.

"Wait... didn't Philemon tell us that it was still frozen over?" Frank asked. He looked around, and noticed that some of his friends were having a bit of fun, despite the situation. Frank laughed as he saw Diane chuck a snowball at Alex, Alex retaliating, and Tellka, Kate, and Janet were trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues.

"Well... before you and your friends came back... We were told that retrieving another shard of the mirror would loosen her hold on the school... She's probably trying to keep us from looking around Lunarvale. If I'm right, Frank, the school is now thawed out... But the courtyard will still be frozen solid." Yuki explained before rubbing her arms through her jacket.

Ellen threw a snowball at Alex, before turning to Yuki. "Well then... we should get to the school... Frank and I usually keep like a sweatshirt or an outer jacket in our lockers, just in case the weather changes suddenly." Ellen then eeped as she was pegged by a snowball thrown by her boyfriend.

"Ellen's right... and there may be some other sweatshirts and stuff in the gym's supply room." Brad explained.

"All right then... Let's get to St. Hermelin, on the double..." Frank said to his group.

After explaining where they were now heading, the group of teens and one kind hearted demoness began their trek through the snowy and foggy streets of Lunarvale.

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