A Return Trip Home

AN: This is a crossover story, using Kate's and my WRPG characters. Thanks go out again to Kate for letting me use her characters! E-mail all comments to FrankMayn@comcast.net

Location: Windia

Two figures could be seen in the park. Both of them have blue hair. Upon further inspection, one could tell that one was a student at Windian High, while the little girl attended the local elementary school.

"Ray! Look! It's snowing!!!" The little girl said excitedly.

"Sure Brat..." Ray said as he played with his sister's pig-tailed hair.

"I'm telling the truth Ray! Look up!" The little girl said as she pointed at the sky.

Ray looked up, and sure enough, it was beginning to snow.

"Britney... you're right... but it's not winter... it shouldn't be snowing now..."

Ray Bendrel: A student at Windian High. He is constantly picked on by Janet's group, WINGS, because of the fact that he is a Dragon. Despite the constant beatings he endures, he hardly ever resorts to violence.

Britney Bendrel: Ray's little sister, also a Dragon. She always seems to be full of energy. She's always telling Ray to Transform and beat the snot out of those who attack him

"Who cares, Ray! It's snowing! YAY!!!" Britney said as she ran circles around her older brother.

Ray just sat there in thought. "I don't like the feel of this... It's like... something is trying to destroy us... The snow is so unnatural..."

"Ray! What's wrong?" Britney asked in innocence.

Ray shook his head. "Nothing, Brat... Just go on and play."

A black haired girl was with her friends, when the snow began to fall.

"It's snowing? How odd..." She said in a cold, monotone voice.

A red haired Windian just looked at her oddly. "Honestly Lucy, a lot of weird things have been happening today! They had to close school because some students disappeared! And one of those students was Janet!"

Lucy Conwing: A Windian belonging to Janet's group, WINGS. Outwardly, she appears to be cold and uncaring. But deep down, it seems that she is aware of something. Unlike other Windians of this time, she has black wings, but she prefers to keep them hidden.

Lucy was about to say something, when Justin, Janet's boyfriend, began to speak.

Justin: Janet's boyfriend, also a Windian. He also has a set of wings. He seems to care greatly about Janet at times, but there are points where he just wouldn't give a damn.

"What the hell is going on anyway? Damn... I don't like the feel of this... This is so unnatural..."

The red-head spoke up again. "I don't know, Justin. Everything's gone to hell and back today..."

Lucy spoke up. "Jason... just shut up... None of us know what's going on..."

Jason Burnhart: Another member of Janet's group, WINGS. It seems that he and Janet don't really get along. Like the others in Janet's group, he is a Windian.

Jason stopped what he was saying, and did just that. Though he did mumble a little. Another black-haired Windian spoke up.

"It is odd... snow during this time... students, especially Janet, disappearing..."

"Brandon... you're wandering again... let's just put it behind us." Lucy said in her usual tone.

Brandon Conwing: Lucy's brother. Like Lucy, Brandon has black wings, but he prefers to keep them out. Brandon seems to have a hidden agenda concerning Lucy, but no one knows what is really going on.

Brandon simply nodded, while the group headed inside to escape the dropping temperatures.

Inside of a restaurant named "The Tiger's Catch," Three students, one human, one Woren, and a female Windian with bright blue wings were talking.

"Hey... what happened at school? And the snow..." The windian said to the woren and the human. As she spoke the word "snow". A small smile appeared on her face.

The woren turned to her. "Esor... you didn't hear? A few students disappeared..."

Esor looked up. "Ryan... what do you mean by disappeared?"

Ryan Chiba: A friend of Frank's. His mom owns "The Tiger's Catch" restaurant. Ryan is a member of the Woren Clan, and his tail seems to always convey his emotions.

Esor Aes: Ryan's girlfriend. Both met on a quest Frank got involved in awhile back. Unlike most Windians, she has ocean blue wings. Esor's also a water mage, and for some reason, has the ability to breathe underwater.

Instead, the human wearing a pair of glasses spoke.

"C'mon Esor! Everyone has heard about it! I tried going to the library before lunch, but it was closed! They said two students, one female woren, and one human male, just disappeared!" The young man then adjusted his light blue scarf, which had No. 1 written on it.

Esor turned to glare at him. "Well, Nate... I hadn't heard of what happened..."

Nate Trinity: Like Frank, he too came from Lunarvale. Nate's also a Persona User. He tends to come off sometimes as a snob, since he came from a rich family before living in Windia. Most of this is due to the fact that his parents put their jobs before him.

Nate sighed. "Okay... I'll accept that as an answer... Did anyone find out who the students were that disappeared?"

Ryan looked out the window, with his tail twitching in confusion. "It's starting to come down out there... and it's not even winter..." He then turned to Nate and Esor.

"That's why I asked y'all to come here..." Ryan said as his tail drooped. "I found out who those students were... Kate... Alex... Diane... Ellen... Frank... and that girl... Janet... Some sort of vortex sucked each of them in..."

"WHAT??? Frank and Ellie?" Nate shot out.

Esor looked on in thought. "I wonder... A fighter disappeared in the same way out in the coliseum... Ironically, it was Tellka." She said quietly.

"So Tellka's gone too... All this... and a freak snow storm..." Nate muttered.

"I'm worried... Ever since we took Ellen in... she's been like a sister to me... Mom's been quiet since she found out..." Ryan said quietly.

Nate was about to say something, when Esor pointed.

"Look... a yellow butterfly..." She said.

As soon as Nate turned to look, another vortex opened up and sucked him in, screaming.

When it closed, Esor and Ryan stood there, before it just hit them.

"NATE!!!!" Both yelled in unison.

Location: Lunarvale, the Alternate World

Something was very wrong. In this dimension, the eastern half of the town had just faded from existence. Of course, this happened only after Guido Sardenia had died.

Guido "The Rock" Sardenia: CEO of SEBEC, Lunarvale division. Frank, Ellen, and Nate don't know that he was killed. Though Guido was the reason Lunarvale is what it is now, a greater threat threatens their city as well as the life of one of their friends. Frank seems to hate Guido for what he did to some people he knew closely.

In the Peace Diner at Sun Mall, four students from St. Hermelin were talking, obviously worried about what is about to happen.

"Yo, Alex! What do we do now? I mean... It's almost over, right?" An African-American student asked. He was wearing a yellow baseball cap and had a yellow backpack with some spray paint sticking out of it. Upon further inspection, one could see a combat shotgun and a battle-axe strapped to his back.

Alex Meyers: A student from St. Hermelin High School. Alex is rather quiet, but is very serious. Like Frank, he likes to sing. Alex is the leader of the group who set out to stop Guido. He protects himself with a rapier and a machine gun.

Alex looked up. "Well Mark... We've got to get prepared... There's only four of us... we need to defeat Pandora and save the real Mary."

Mark Hawthorne: Another student from St. Hermelin. He seems to be a trouble maker, but deep down, he cares deeply for his friends. His parents spoiled him, and now regard him as a brat. Mark does care though. He defends himself with axes and a combat shotgun, semi-auto.

"Dammit Alex! We need to go now! This world's in trouble if we don't do anything!" Mark said as he slammed a fist down on the table.

"Shut up, Mark! Hitting things and throwing a fit won't get this done any faster!" Chris growled out at him.

Chris Kandori: Guido's step brother, also a student at St. Hermelin. Chris is usually quiet and reserved. He's like this so often that he doesn't even realize that most of the female student body has fallen for him. Despite that he and Guido share the same father, Chris hates his brother with a passion.

"Yo man! Wassup with you and your opinions anyhow?" Mark shot back Chris was about to say something, when Mary, or rather, the Ideal Mary, interrupted them.

"Hold it you two... we don't need to fight. As we speak, the real me is in pain. We do have to help her, but first, we need to think this out!" Mary said as she reloaded her hand gun.

Mark was about to say something, when a blue vortex appeared, and spat Nate out, along with his weapons, into the Peace Diner.

"Aw... great... just what I don't need... The snob is back..." Mark said as he rolled his eyes.

Nate got up and dusted himself off. "Oh great... I have to deal with the idiot again..." He then grabbed his weapons and equipped them.

"Nate! You're back! How've you been?" Alex asked.

Nate grinned. "Couldn't be better, Alex. I've been going to school... Found a place to live... And I found a girllfriend in the time I've been in Windia. And yes, I know what's going on here. Philemon explained why time has flowed differently... and what has to be done. Frank and Ellen we're taken to Lunarvale, along with more of our friends." Nate explained.

Mark spoke up. "Oohh... Our little Natey has grown! C'mon Nate... Tell us the juicy details..."

Nate glared at Mark. "You moron! Why should I have to say anything, even to someone as stupid as you!"

Mark got up. "Oh yeah, Maybe I ain't stupid! You know, Stupid is as stupid doesn't!"

Chris spoke up. "Mark... You are a moron... It's stupid is as stupid does, you twit!"

Mark grumbled. "Yeah, whatever... everyone's always against me..."

Mary was looking out the door, and at one of the mall enterances.

"Guys... Something's wrong... It's snowing way out of season..." She stammered.

Alex got up and looked out. "You're right... And I don't think Pandora has anything to do with this... Wait... the Snow Queen... If Frank and the others are in the real Lunarvale..."

Nate spoke up. "Then she must have upped the ante... we're racing against time... and so are they..."

Chris looked out. "I hope they can beat her, and return everything to normal..."

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