A Return Trip Home

AN: Once again, this is a crossover story using my WRPG characters and Kate's WRPG characters. Thanks again, Kate for letting me use your characters! E-mail all comments to FrankMayn@comcast.net

"Wow... this place is huge..." Alex said as he walked through the main gates of St. Hermelin High School.

Ellen was huddled next to him because of the bitter cold that raged through Lunarvale. "We'd better get inside, hon... Before we freeze to death... Remember, all of us aren't gifted with fur like you, Kate, Diane, Tellka and Neko-Chan."

Alex chuckled lightly as he wiped some of the snow off of his girlfriend's shoulder.

Frank rubbed his arms through his uniform jacket. He noticed that it was getting colder outside. Everyone, including Ellen and Janet could withstand the temperatures with their current clothing, but they needed something to protect their torsos.

"C'mon! Let's get our asses inside! I'm freezing!" Janet said as she rubbed her arms.

Yuki nodded. Out of the females in the party, she was wearing the longest skirt, and wasn't as bothered as say, Janet or Ellen.

Frank ran ahead and opened a set of double doors going into the school. Everyone filed in, and warmed up immediately. Frank was muttering thanks that the faculty actually had the sense to turn on the heat. Frank looked around the lobby of his school, and noticed that it was still normal.

"Wow... Brad was right..." Yuki said as she brushed some of the snow off of her uniform. "The school did thaw out..."

Kate shook some of the snow out of her hair before looking out a set of double doors on the other side of the lobby. What she had seen made her ears and tail twitch in confusion.

"Frank... That's the courtyard, right?" Kate said as she recalled her last visit to the school, which was when Frank went looking for the Diamond of Truth.

Frank looked over at Kate. "Yeah Kate... why? What's wrong?"

Kate shuffled her feet before turning to look at Frank. "Well... I don't think it's supposed to be iced over like that... is it?"

Frank looked, and sure enough, both sets of double doors leading to the courtyard had a thick layer of ice covering the entire thing.

"Yo, Frank! That's where the Snow Queen's holed herself. Seems like we need a little more power to take the ice down..." Brad said as he whipped a comb out of his jacket pocket and proceeded to fix his hair in the reflection of the glass on the doors.

Diane chuckled at Brad. "Kinda vain... don't ya think, bro?"

Alex surpressed his laughter. "His vanity doesn't match his choice of clothing... It makes me wonder if he's color-blind..."

Diane merely chuckled at her brother's remark. Ellen was about to say something, when the doors coming from the school and into the lobby opened.

Janet turned, and saw a teenager that was about her age, standing in front of the doors. From what she could tell, it was a girl, wearing a skirt that was shorter than Ellen's. She was also wearing a varsity sweater that matched her boots. Janet looked, and noticed a jump rope wrapped around the girl's waist, and a revolver in a hip holster.

"By Ladon! There are people like this here as well?" Janet said as she rolled her eyes.

The girl lowered her hands from the back of her head. "Ladon? Like, what is that? It that like a new fad or something? I like, never miss a new fad..." The girl said as she reached up to mess with one of her pigtails.

Janet shook her head, and began to mumble to herself.

The girl then looked the others over, and came to a stop when she saw two of her friends.

"Frank? Ellen? Like wow! I didn't expect you two to show up..." She said absently.

"What's up, Alana?" Frank said to his friend.

Alana Morris: Another student at St. Hermelin High. Like Frank and the others, she has the power of Persona as well. She tends to be an airhead at times, but if tempted, will put forth an effort to get what she wants.

Alana placed her hands back behind her head, and leaned back casually.

"Like... we had our hands full, Frank... Demons infested the school..."

Ellen spoke up. "We know... Yuki and Brad filled us in."

Alana pouted. "Aw... like, why am I always the last to be able to fill anyone in on anything?"

Diane nudged her brother. "Hey bro... she's not th' brightest crayon in th' pack, is she?"

Alex glared at his sister, while Diane just gave an innocent little grin.

Alana finally noticed the woren population in the party, plus Neko-Chan. She gave an eep, then uncoiled the jump-rope from around her waist.

"Frank! Ellie! There are demons that followed you into the school!" She said as she snapped her jump-rope like a whip.

"Whoa Alana! Cool it! This is the help Philemon said was coming!" Brad said to his friend.

"But... but they look like demons..." Alana said in defense.

"We're not demons! We're from Windia... the world Frank, Ellen, and Nate were sent to!" Tellka growled at Alana.

Alana looked at Neko-Chan. "Like, she's a demon..."

Yuki sighed. "Alana... she's on our side. Frank helped her out there when she was in trouble..."

"Meow... I won't harm you, purr... All I want is to avenge my friends, meow..." Nekomata said quietly.

Alana just blinked, before she coiled the jump-rope around her waist once again.

"Well okay... I guess... So, like, why are you here?"

Kate blinked. "Alana... right? Didn't you see the snow storm outside?"

"It's snowing? How totally cool!" Alana said as she sprinted toward the door to look out.

Janet shook her head. "This girl is a few bricks shy of a load..."

Ellen spoke up. "Alana, how's the school? Is everything normal?"

Alana turned from the doors, and played with one of her pigtails. "Like, yeah, Ellen. All the ice just like, went away shortly before you guys came... Did you find another shard or something?"

"We did, Alana. We came by to get some warmer clothing so we can get around the city and continue our search." Frank explained.

"Cool! Just don't take my sweater, ok? It's the only thing that like totally matches the lining on my boots." Alana said as she placed her hands on the back of her head and leaned back once more.

"We'd better split up here... Ellen, you and Alex stay together. Brad, you, Diane, and Neko-Chan go look around, wherever you'd like. Janet, Kate, Tellka, Yuki... you guys are with me. We'll meet in the gym walkway later, okay?"

Everyone nodded, then split off in their groups to explore the school.

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