A Return Trip Home

AN: Once again, this story is a crossover using my WRPG characters and Kate's WRPG Characters. Thanks go out again to Kate for letting me use her characters! Please e-mail all comments to FrankMayn@comcast.net

The group consisting of four Persona users, four Woren, a cat-girl demoness, and one Windian huddled along the back wall of St. Hermelin High School.

"Frank, Alex and I will stand guard... just go ahead and pass those jackets out before most of us freeze." Ellen said as she drew her rapier. Alex stood with her, looking in the other direction for any possible threat.

"All right, Ellie... Here... catch!" Frank said as he tossed Ellen her jacket. Ellen promptly caught it with her free hand. Alex, of course, helped her slip it on.

Alex whistled when he saw the valkyrie on the back of Ellen's jacket. "Love... that fits your personality perfectly!"

Ellen smiled. "Such a gentleman, Alex..." Ellen then threw her assault rifle over her shoulder and continued to keep watch. All Alex could do was chuckle at his girlfriend's actions.

Frank and Yuki continued to hand out jackets and sweatshirts. Oddly enough... Janet got Alex Meyers' jacket. Apparently, she was pleased, since it had her last name on the back.

"So... how to we get to the hospital?" Kate said as she pulled a sweater on.

Frank sighed. "Well... We go north until we see Sun Mall... then we turn east until we hit the barrier, then we head north... It's quite a walk."

Janet sighed. "So... where exactly is the hospital?"

"It's in the Northeast corner of town... St. Hermelin is in the Southwest corner of Lunarvale." Frank explained.

A massive groan could be heard from the entire group, save the Lunarvale Natives.

Brad sighed. "We'd better get going... before we freeze to death out here..."


After a long walk, the group of teenagers and one fun loving demoness finally made it to Lunarvale General Hospital.

"Honestly, y'all..." Diane said before she stopped to catch her breath. "Ya gotta have these places closer together..."

Yuki chuckled. "Normally, we wouldn't have to fight these things every few steps..." As she grabbed for the door of the hospital, Janet shouted.

"LOOK OUT!!!" Janet yelled as she yanked the Beretta from her holster. Yuki looked up and screamed as she saw a demon descending on her. The demon was thrown against the hospital when a hail of 9mm SilverTips met it in mid-flight.

Yuki turned as soon as the demon slid to the ground, and saw Janet holding a smoking Beretta with the slide all the way back.

"Thanks Janet... I owe you one..." Yuki said as she turned her gaze to the demon that had tried to kill her.

Janet only mumbled as she ejected the empty clip from her handgun. "Think nothing of it..." she said to Yuki as she slammed a fresh clip into her gun and chambered another round.

Yuki looked at Janet for a second before entering Lunarvale General. Soon after, Janet followed, along with Brad and Neko-Chan.

"Alex... I think Janet's starting to lighten up..." Ellen said hopefully.

Alex nodded as he held the door open for Ellen and his sister. "I hope so love... I hope so..."

Diane chuckled. "How could anythin' tha' stubborn learn ta change?"

Frank followed Diane in, along with Kate and Tellka.

"Masks... That's all it is... masks..." Frank said quietly. Tellka and Kate turned to look at him, but neither one said anything.

As soon as Kate entered the lobby of the hospital, the group began to talk.

"Frank... ya've been here before... Where do we start lookin'?" Diane asked.

"This time, we stay together... the hallways here are wider than those in the Police Station and the Museum..." Frank explained.

"Meow... so... where would the shard be anyway, purr..." Neko-Chan said as she looked at some shining soda cans beside the vending machine.

Ellen deposited a dollar into a machine, and took out a bottle of Root Beer. "The most logical place would be on the third floor... I'm willing to bet that it's in Mary's room..." She then opened the bottle and took a sip of her Root Beer.

Janet grumbled. "This can't be as bad as the museum... from what you five told us..."

"Naw... not really..." Brad replied. "The hospital is three stories high... if we're lucky, the elevators may still be in working order..."

"Point taken..." Frank said as he bought a Cherry Coke from the same machine Ellen used earlier. Janet, Kate, Tellka, Diane, and Alex watched both Frank and Ellen.

"Wha' is tha' thin'?" Diane asked as she looked at the Coke machine.

Yuki chuckled. "It's a soda machine..."

Alex looked confused. "They buy soda from machines? How odd... normally, we'd have to buy it at restaurants or grocery stores..."

Ellen chuckled. "Well... we do too, but the big companies decided to sell machines that dispense soda to places like this..."

Janet smirked. "Warm Soda? How could that possibly refresh anyone???"

Frank laughed after he took a sip of his Cherry Coke. "It's cold, Janet... Ice cold... See?" Janet touched his bottle of soda, and sure enough, to her amazement, it was cold.

Kate giggled as her tail waved in amusement. "Such odd things that you have in your world, Frank..."

Tellka on the other hand was getting annoyed. "Shouldn't we be looking for that shard? We don't have all the time in the world..." As Tellka was talking, her tail waved in annoyance.

"Tellka's right..." Frank said as he downed more of his soda. "We do need to get moving..."

Ellen downed the last of her root beer. "That was refreshing..." She then threw her bottle into the nearby recycling bin.

Frank finished his Cherry Coke, and did the same thing as Ellen. "All right... lets get this second shard so we can go on to the next destination..."

The group nodded, then followed Frank out into the hallways of the hospital. Brad tried the elevator button, but...

"Dammit! The elevators are out!!!" Brad said as he repeatedly mashed the up button.

"Brad... we figured as much... you don't have to keep on pressing the button..."

Tellka watched for demons. "Odd... I see them... little green slimes and pixies... but they just avoid us..."

Neko-Chan spoke up. "Meow... they're afraid... All of them are low level demons... some are around my level of experience, meow... Maybe there's another Nekomata in here!!!" She then began to purr.

Kate giggled, then turned to Frank. "Frank? This thing... how does it move people?" Kate looked at the elevator in confusion.

"Well... you step inside, push a button, and then you get moved to the floor you wanted to go to..."

Kate twitched an ear in confusion. "Like magic? I thought your world had no magic..."

Frank shook his head. "No no no... You step in, push the button, and the elevator moves you to the floor..."

Kate just looked at him strangely. "Like magic..." She said quietly.

Frank groaned. "Let's just say it's a form of technology that Windia hasn't seen yet..."

Tellka looked around. "It's clear... Let's go ahead and look..."

Frank nodded, and led his friends through the maze of hallways in the hospital.

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