A Return Trip Home

AN: As I have said before, this is a crossover story using my WRPG characters and Kate's WRPG characters. Thanks go out again to Kate for letting me use her characters! Please e-mail all comments to FrankMayn@comcast.net

Frank and Yuki led the group through the ominously quiet hallways of Lunarvale General Hospital. It was decided by the rest of the group that these two students lead since they were present in the hospital during the beginning of the Lunarvale Incident.

Much to the relief of the two students, the demons that were in the hospital avoided the group all together. However...

Neko-Chan seemed to be sniffing the air. Janet noticed her.

"What in Ladon's name are you doing?" She said with a sigh.

"Myah! There's another Nekomata here!!!" She said excitedly. Frank turned, and saw both of her tails waving around spastically.

Before anyone could say anything, Neko-Chan took off down a branching hallway.

"Yo! Wait up!" Brad yelled as he took off after her.

Sooner or later, the entire group followed Neko-Chan through the mess of hallways. They caught up just in time to see her enter the nurse's station on the first floor.

"Jeez... Wait up, will ya???" Diane murmured as she gave chase.

Eventually, the entire group caught up just in time to see the door to the Nurse's Station close.

Frank reached the door first, and yanked it open. Inside, he saw Neko-Chan chatting idly with another Nekomata, much to the amusement of a nurse and a patient.

Yuki soon followed after Frank entered. When she caught a glimpse of the two Nekomata chatting, she began to giggle.

"It's like someone talking to a mirror image!" Yuki said to the group. Suddenly, both Nekomata turned to look at Frank and his friends.

Neko-chan and her friend did look alike. The only difference was that the other Nekomata had light brown fur and no armor.

"Myah! Sorry about that Frank... Yuki... When I felt the presence of another one of my kind..."

The other Nekomata turned and hissed.

"HUMANS??? Meow... you know what happens when we ally ourselves with humans!!!" The Nekomata said as she frantically waved both arms and tails. She then glared at Frank and his friends with a lot of distrust.

Kate tugged on Frank's arm. "What's she talking about?" Frank looked and saw one of Kate's ears twitching in curiosity.

Frank shrugged. He was going to say something to Kate when another voice came from the doorway.

"When demons ally themselves with humans, they are not allowed to return to their home dimension." The entire group turned to see Tammy standing in the doorway with her rapier in one hand and a sub machine gun slung across her back.

"Is that true???" Alex asked in confusion.

"Meow! Of course it is!" The other Nekomata said in disbelief.

Tammy sheathed her rapier. She was about to say something else when the other Nekomata interrupted her again.

"Myah! You're a Devil Summoner! And a Persona User!" She then twitched slightly before turning to Frank and his friends.

"Meow... and you four... Your resonance and chi... You're Persona Users as well!"

Janet rolled her eyes. "Took you long enough to notice..." She said sarcastically. The Nekomata was about to snap back when Neko-Chan stopped her.

"Meow... It's just her... don't worry about it."

The other Nekomata hissed. "I don't like her smarmy attitude at all, hiss... She's not even a Persona User, and she dares to talk to me like that?!"

Janet powered up a Flame spell, much to the surprise of Neko-Chan, Yuki, Brad, and Tammy.

"Want to try me, furball? I may not have magic like theirs... But I do have quite a few spells up my sleeve."

The Nekomata stepped back in surprise. "Meow? Real magic? Purr... I haven't seen that in ages..."

Yuki looked at Janet. "You know magic? Why didn't you use it out there?"

Janet shrugged. "Guess it just slipped my mind... I mean, I did have this... just not as good as my revolver..." Janet patted her Beretta slightly.

"Meow! I was trying to tell you..." Neko-Chan said to the other Nekomata. "Purr... I know of the consequences... And it's a risk I'm taking, myah... I don't have anywhere to go... and I certainly don't want to die again..."

Diane stepped up. "Thas' why Neko-Chan here decided to help us an' all... she lost somethin' important ta her."

Tammy walked up to the other Nekomata. "Which brings me to this question." Tammy then put a finger to her lips in thought. "What are you doing here anyhow? I didn't see any other Nekomata within the hospital..."

The other Nekomata just turned away, as if she had something to hide.

"Meow... You can tell her, she's just like Frank and his friends." Neko-Chan said as she motioned to her group.

The Nekomata looked up at Frank, who just nodded back with a friendly smile.

"Meow... His smile... it's genuine... and the others with him... So that's why she went with him... He's trustworthy, and seems to have the respect of those around him... even that girl who threatened me... she seems to have a little bit of respect for him..." The Nekomata thought to herself as she scanned the group.

Tammy chuckled at the Nekomata. "Your tails! They're like..."

The Nekomata turned to Tammy. "Myah, so I can't control them when I'm deep in thought!"

Tammy just chuckled again.

"Meow... I guess I can trust you..." The Nekomata said quietly. She was going to sit on the floor when a nurse offered her one of the chairs in the room. The nurse's mood shifted from shocked to trusting when she saw that the demoness didn't want to hurt anyone.

The Nekomata let out a small smile to the nurse before sitting. She then crossed her legs like a human when she sat, and wrapped both her tails around her much like a normal cat.

"Myah... The hospital seemed to be the safest place in this city... Meow, after seeing that building disappear..."

"You mean St. Hermelin..." Tammy said thoughtfully.

"Meow, I guess so... wait... you were in there??? What happened?"

Yuki stepped forward, folding her arms lightly as she leaned back slightly. "Well... the Snow Queen... she's what happened... She possessed our teacher, brought the stronger demons into the city..."

Brad stood beside Yuki and placed his hands on his hips. "And she's threatening to destroy our world, along with two others..."

The Nekomata looked shocked when Brad said this.

"Ellen and I..." Frank said as he motioned to Ellen. "We're both from Lunarvale. However, both of us were sent to another world, and we now live in a city called Windia, which explains the nature of our friends here."

The Nekomata looked around the room, and it finally dawned on her that not every person around her was human.

"Meow? What are you four? You don't have the aura of demons..." The Nekomata said to the four Woren. Before any of them could say anything, she turned to look at Janet.

"Myah... and you... you look like a human... but your aura... meow... it's like that of a bird..."

Alex regarded the Nekomata with interest before answering.

"We're not demons..." Alex said as he moved closer to Ellen. "We're woren... My sister, Kate, Tellka and I."

The Nekomata felt something else about the one who talked to her... something dangerous. Wisely she decided to say nothing.

Ellen decided to speak up again. "About Janet... she's a Windian. She may look like a human, but her clan once held a special power..."

Janet gave Ellen a look that said "shut up..." Ellen noticed and did so, not wanting to offend the Windian.

Diane was in thought for a few seconds. Alex looked over, and noticed that his sister's tail was twitching.

"Sis... what's on your mind?" Alex said as he eyed Diane with curiosity.

Diane removed a finger from her chin. "Ya know... she may know whar th' shard may be in this place..."

"I never thought of that..." Frank said as he approached the other Nekomata. "Can you tell us anything that may be of use to us here in the hospital?"

The Nekomata looked up in thought, then turned back to Frank with a sly grin on her face.

"Meow... Twenty Dollars."

"Say what???" Frank said in disbelief.

"Myah... My information is going to cost you twenty dollars! Take it or leave it..."

Frank grumbled as he pulled a twenty dollar bill from his pack and gave it to the Nekomata, who accepted it happily.

"Purr.... Thanks! Anyhow, the shard is in room 302. Be careful, meow... there are two strange people guarding it. Meow, also in room 206, there's another Hellcat, angry about his brother's death."

Frank nodded. "Thanks for the info. We'd better get going then." Frank motioned for his group to leave when Tammy's voice stopped them.

"Hold on Frank..." Tammy then turned to the Nekomata. "What are you going to do with that money?"

"Purr... I'm going to buy myself a big fish!!!" She said happily.

Neko-Chan approached the other Nekomata. "Mrowr... Where are you going to get a fish now??? The city is crawling with higher demons!!!"

The nekomata looked like she was in thought. "Meow... later then..."

Tammy looked the Nekomata in the eyes. "Give Frank his money... you don't need it."

"Meow... do I???" The Nekomata said trying to look kawaii.

However, Tammy was used to this, being a Devil Summoner herself. "Yes, you do... And I think I'll take you under my wing to try and teach you some manners."

"Myah.... Okay... I guess so... Here Frank..." She said as she gave Frank his twenty dollars.

"Frank, you and your friends get the shard... I'll take this Nekomata with me to the school. Dean won't let anyone in the front, so we have to sneak in where you guys went out."

"All right, Tammy. And you two... please be careful, okay?" Frank said to his classmate.

"Will do, Frank. Tad's waiting for me in the lobby, like I asked him to. Here... give us a call when you get that shard." Tammy said as she tossed him a short range radio.

Frank caught the radio and clipped it to the inside pocket of his leather jacket. "All right Tammy, we will."

"Yo Tammy! Be careful out there, okay?" Brad said.

Tammy offered a smile and a nod, and left with a smiling Nekomata.

"Myah... so where to now???" Neko-Chan asked, both tails waving in curiosity.

"We go to room 302." Frank replied.

"And bust up those two guarding the shard!" Tellka said with a wave of her staff.

Frank smiled, then lead his group back into the hallways of Lunarvale General Hospital.

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