A Return Trip Home

AN: Same as before ... Crossover with mine and Kate's WRPG characters. Comments, please send to FrankMayn@comcast.net

"Welcome... Who are you my friend?" A voice rang out.

Frank looked around. He knew where he was, and he knew whom the voice the voice belonged to.

"My name is Frank... Frank Maynard... And I know you, Philemon."

Philemon appeared. "Frank... welcome... You and your friends will appear in a place that is familiar to you... More will be revealed in time. You will have help, though. Good luck." With those words, Frank began to zoom away from Philemon.

"Hey... he's moving..." A voice said. Frank could tell that it belonged to Alex.

A sigh of relief was heard. It belonged to Kate.

"Do ya think... he had th' same dream?" Diane was now speaking.

"He probably did... I wonder what Philemon needs..." That one belonged to Ellen.

A grunt was heard. "I don't like this place at all... I can feel the evil..." That one belonged to Tellka.

Frank chose that moment to sit up and groan. "Ugh... What happened..."

Kate was right beside him. "Frank! Are you okay?"

"I think so... what happened?" Frank managed to get out.

Tellka grunted. "Well... We're here... wherever here is... Ellen won't tell us yet."

Frank looked around, then gasped. "Oh my God... We're in Lunarvale!" Diane and Alex looked at him.

"Lunarvale???" Diane asked. "Wha' th' heck is Lunarvale?"

Ellen looked at her boyfriend's sister. "It's our hometown..."

Alex shivered. "Where in your town are we? And what's this feeling?"

Frank spoke up. "I don't know... It's a feeling of evil... But as far as where we are, we're in the cell area of the Lunarvale Police Department.

"Cell Area?" Kate asked in a bit of confusion.

"It's where the officers keep the criminals they catch." Frank explained.

Tellka was about to ask something when a female voice interrupted her.

"Well, I'm certainly not a criminal, and I don't appreciate being locked up in here! LET ME OUT NOW!!!"

The group looked over to see Janet locked up in one of the jail cells. Tellka let out a low chuckle, as did Alex and Diane.

"How did you end up in there?" Ellen asked as she held back her laughter.

Janet scowled. "Shut up... Shut the hell up! GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!!!"

Frank sighed. "We would... but we don't have a key. Mary was the last one to take one, when she bailed Brad and Mark out after the demons captured them."

Janet growled. Then Tellka spoke up.

"Look... whatever brought us here also brought your weapons along. See?" Tellka said as she pointed at the corner of the room. Sure enough, Frank's rapier was there along with his shotgun, as well as Kate's claws. Ellen's rapier and assault rifle were there as well.

Frank sighed. "Whatever is going on, I don't like it. The station may still be infested with demons... I can feel it." He then went over to get his weapons.

"Don't LEAVE ME HERE!!!" Janet screamed.

"We're not, Janet." Kate said to her.

"We've got to get to the lobby and see if there is another key. Kate... Tellka... Would you two come with me?"

Tellka responded with a nod, while Kate nodded shakily. Frank could tell that she was scared.

"Kate... We'll protect you. Tellka and I won't let anything harm you, okay?"

"O... okay..." Kate said quietly as she went to equip her claws. As soon as she had them on, Frank turned to Ellen, Alex, and Diane.

"Ellie... please stay here and make sure nothing gets in, besides us. Same goes for you and Diane, Alex."

Ellen nodded, as did Alex. Diane spoke up.

"I don't like this feelin' at all. Be carefut out thar, k?" She said as she scanned the group. Frank nodded, and turned to leave with Kate and Tellka.

As soon as Frank opened the door to the hallways, Tellka spoke up.

"Just like old times, huh?" Frank and Kate glared at her, while Tellka just gave them a smirk.

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