A Return Trip Home

AN: Again, this is a fusion story using my characters and Kate's characters. Thanks go out again to Kate for letting me use her characters! Please e-mail all comments to FrankMayn@comcast.net

Janet was not having a good day.

Sure, it started normally. She woke up, talked a little bit to her pet bird, P-Chan, and then got ready for school.

What she wasn't expecting was to be sucked through some odd portal, being stuck behind bars, being nearly choked to death by a big... thing..., the monsters in this place that she was stuck in now...

The Windian kept on telling herself that it could only get better.

Then she remembered the demons getting upset when the Persona Users failed at talking to them.

And the fact that no one really wanted her around.

And now this. Being turned partway to stone by an evil version of the Dragon and her best friend.

But there were some good things that happened to her.

Janet realized that the Persona Users and their friends were growing on her. Frank wasn't so bad. Sure, WINGS didn't like the Persona Users and their friends... but Janet now realized that they weren't so bad. In fact, they seemed to get along, unlike some of the people that she knew.

What surprised her was Frank. The young human, who she thought was nothing but a dork and a show-off, turned out not to be.

She realized that he cared. Cared the most for those around him. He gave her some odd type of gun to protect herself. He bought her that dress when she was in a bad mood.

All in all, she realized that he's not a dork. Frank was one of the nicest people that she had ever met. In fact, his friends seemed be great people as well... Well, not that Brad person, or that airhead back in his old school.

And now, her current situation.

Janet was wondering how the hell they were going to get out of this. It started with Frank and the demoness going in to check on the situation. They screamed, and then when the rest of them entered the room...

The last thing she expected was her best friend turning her into stone.

Wait... that can't be her... Lucy never learned a petrification spell! Frank was right! That's not her or the Dragon!

Janet was trying to keep herself calm during the situation at hand. For one thing, she was stone from the neck down. She couldn't move, and she hurt. And what worse was that Brad wouldn't shut his mouth.

"What's going on? You're not gonna get away with this! We'll find a way out and kick your sorry asses! I swear..." Brad managed to get out.

Janet managed to turn her head to look at the egotistical Persona User.

"Brad... Shut Up!" The Windian said in the same tone that she would use with one Jason Burnhart.

Brad took a look at Janet, and decided to do so.

"I'm tired of you as well, Persona User! I may as well shut you up for awhile myself!!!" Evil Lucy muttered as she prepared a spell.

"No... NO! PLEASE!!! AGH!" Was all Brad managed to get out before he was completely turned into a statue.

"Holy..." Frank managed as he looked at his friend. The Persona User then turned his attention to the evil Windian and the Evil Light Dragon.

"What's the point of all this? Why..." Frank stammered.

Evil Ray sneered at the Persona User. "Because we want to, geek. It feels so good to get away from those idiots who keep us contained!"

A light finally went off in Ellen's head. "So that means... you both... are actually a part..."

Evil Lucy began to prepare another spell. "That's right, girl! We're the repressed, opposite sides of those two morons back in Windia!" With that comment, Evil Lucy launched the spell at Ellen. With a scream Ellen's face became stone, right in mid scream.

"ELLIE! May Ladon help you both if I get free..." Alex growled at the pair.

"Shut the hell up, pussy cat!" Evil Lucy muttered as she launched another stone inducing spell at Ellen's boyfriend.

Alex was soon a stone statue, with a complete look of horror on his face.

"Alex!!! Why ya filthy bird!!!" Diane growled. Evil Ray took that moment to slap Diane, hard.

Diane's head snapped back. She then stared at Ray, ears layed back.

"If I ever git free..." Diane said menacingly.

"Oh... you won't. ever." Evil Ray said with a yawn. At that point, Evil Lucy caught Diane in a spell, her face immortalized with a look of revenge.

"Why??? Why are you doing this?" Yuki asked painfully.

Evil Ray shrugged uncaringly. "This being... the Snow Queen, as you call her, promised us life away from the idiots back home. Sure, the real us may die, since they need us to live, but then the Snow Queen promised us eternal life!"

Yuki was taken aback. "So you mean... That the normal bodies you were born with..."

The evil version of Lucy shrugged. "They will be no more, and we'll be all that's left!" And with those words, Yuki too was victimized by the spell.

This is getting us nowhere fast! Frank thought to himself.

"I know what you're thinking, Persona User!" Evil Lucy shouted at Frank, right before turning him to stone.

"MYAH!!! FRANK!!!" Neko-Chan yelled, before she too was turned into stone.

Kate looked around, ears flicking in worry. She never got to say anything, since she too was soon turned to stone.

The only one left was Janet. She turned to Evil Lucy, with a tear in her eye.

"Why, Lucy? Why?"

Evil Lucy hmphed. "I told you, I'm not her! As for why... Because I hate your guts." And with those words, Janet was soon stone.

The Dragon turned to his companion with an evil smile on his face. "Well, that was easy enough... Now... what do we do to them?"

The Windian was about to reply when the door shattered, sending wood, glass and a door knob into the room.

Both Evil Lucy and Evil Ray turned their attention to the entryway. Striding in through the cloud of dust was Tellka with her battle staff in one hand and a look of fire in her eyes.

"What the hell? ACK!" Evil Ray managed to get out before Tellka grabbed him by his throat and slammed him against the wall.

"I suggest..." Tellka growled as she made her grip on the dragon's throat a bit tighter. "That you and your friend take that spell off of Frank and his friends before I decide to KILL you!"

The Evil Windian shot a spell at Tellka, and was thoroughly surprised to find that the Woren was no longer there. Instead, Tellka appeared behind the Windian, and was about to strike, when the evil dragon pulled evil Lucy out of the way.

"Not bad. Woren..." Evil Lucy said with a sinister grin. "But you'll never be able to beat both of us by yourself."

"So why don't we make it even then?" The dragon said with malice as he tossed a potion at Tellka.

Tellka caught the potion and looked at it in confusion.

"That has enough to cure only one of them! Once that one is free, then we fight! All out!" Evil Ray said as he rubbed his neck.

Only one... Not Frank or Kate... Ladon help me if I put either one in danger...

Tellka stared at the potion in her hand, tail twitching in confusion.

I can't stand that Brad person, so he's out. Janet's too stuck up to help... The catgirl has nearly been killed once, so I have no idea how well she can hold up. Ellen... She's a possibility... but I doubt she could hold her own that well when it comes to a physical fight. The same goes for Yuki and Diane... Both seem like they prefer guns and throwing knives... Alex though...

Tellka made her decision. She approached Alex's statue and poured the contents of the potion over his head. Within a minute, the outer layer began to crack, before a Woren popped out of the statue.

"What... what happened?" Alex asked, still dazed.

Tellka pulled the dazed Woren out of the way as a huge gust of wind flew through where he was once standing.

"That's what's happening. And you'd better watch yourself, or you'll get killed!" Tellka growled.

Both Woren were now hidden on the side of Mary's bed, trying to strategize.

"So Tellka? What do we do? I want to get back at those two for what they did to Diane and Ellie!" Alex said with a low growl.

Tellka turned to Alex, both ears beginning to lay back. "First off, you're going to calm down! The last thing we need is you going berserk! We've got those two and the statues to worry about in such a cramped space!"

Alex took a few breaths, and his tail began to slow down to just an annoyed flicking.

"That's better. Now we just have to get at both of them. Try and catch them both off guard, okay?" Tellka explained to the younger Woren. Alex managed a slight nod, before both of them leapt from their hiding place.

However, while both were talking, Ray was able to transform into a hybrid form, which may explain why the room filled with lightning for a few seconds.

"Great... that's the last thing I needed..." Tellka muttered to herself as she took a swing at the hybrid. Luckily, her swing managed to connect, and was soon followed up by a snap kick from Alex.

Tellka growled at Alex. "What in Ladon's name are you doing? If no one takes care of her..."

"I can't do it! I was raised never to hit women!" Alex cried out.

"Fine... be that way." Tellka grumbled. In an instant, Tellka disappeared then formed again behind a startled Evil Lucy.

"How... how did..." Evil Lucy stuttered before trying to form a spell. She never did cast it, since Tellka whapped her on the head with her staff.

"Tag. You're it!" Tellka said as she watched the Windian crumple.

Meanwhile, Alex had his hands full, since the Dragon was nowhere near ready to pass out.

Alex was barely managing to dodge blows and kicks that cracked the floor. With every opening that he had, he managed to land either a quick kick or a snap punch, but those hardly phased his adversary. Finally, Ray landed a blow on Alex, sending him into the metal closet across the room.

"You lose, furball!" Evil Ray said as he prepared to close in on his prey to finish the job. However, Tellka was there, and swung with enough force to snap his head to the side.

As Evil Ray regained his senses, he saw a clawed foot coming at his face when Tellka followed up with an extremely fierce roundhouse kick.

This caused the Dragon Hybrid to fall back a few paces. He was getting ready to counter attack when someone tapped him from behind. Like an idiot, he looked behind to see Alex, tail waving angrily, as he slapped a fist into his other hand.

"Tsk tsk tsk... Didn't your mother ever tell you that it's not polite to hit women?" Alex said with a grin. That was when he unleashed a devastating punch on the hybrid, causing his head to snap back.

The hybrid wiped a bit of blood from his lips. "Not bad... but like I said... let's make this a fair fight!" The Hybrid was about to claw at Alex, but Tellka stopped him in mid attack, causing him to rear back in pain.

"Let's not..." Tellka said as she continued to beat on the hybrid.

"And say we did!!!" Alex yelled as he continued to beat on Evil Ray from the other side.

Finally, Evil Ray managed to get a blow in on Tellka, hitting her hard enough to send her flying out the door and into the wall opposite the room.

"Oh, what's wrong, bitch? Cat got your tongue?" However, in true demon form, he forgot about Alex.

Alex took that moment to charge and unleash a kick at the hybrid, causing him to turn around and face Alex with a deadly look.

"Now it's your turn..." The hybrid growled out as he spat some blood. However, he had no chance. Tellka was soon upon him, strangling him with her staff.

"Any last words? Because no one calls me a bitch... and lives! No last words? Okay then." And with a simple twist, Tellka snapped the Hybrid's neck, causing him to collapse and fade out of existence.

At that point, Evil Lucy began to stir, and saw what had happened to the hybrid.

"NO!!! You bitch!!! How dare you!!!" The Windian yelled as she prepared a spell. However, Alex was soon behind her and pinned her arms to her side.

"Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? I swear, it doesn't become you. AGH!!!" Alex managed to get out before being blown backwards by an extremely strong wind spell.

The Woren landed once again in the closet, and was still in a world of pain. The Windian thought she had won, when Tellka appeared behind her.

"Like I told him, nobody..." Tellka took a swing at Evil Lucy's head. "calls me that..." Tellka took a swing and snapped it the other way. "AND LIVES!!!" She finally said with a growl. With those last words, Tellka swung as hard as she could, snapping the Windian's neck. Evil Lucy fell, then faded into nothing. A bright flash illuminated the room, as some energy flew from the floor and disappeared.

Alex slowly got up. "Ugh... it's over... Ellen... ELLIE!" Looking up, he saw his girlfriend, still a statue.

"Ellen... Ellen..." Alex said, tail waving in worry. Despite how he felt, Alex managed to limp to his girlfriend.

"Ellen... Diane... I avenged you... I'm sorry I couldn't..." Alex said as he cried against Ellen's statue.

Tellka was also troubled, since Kate was still statuesque.

Then the impossible happened. A tear appeared over each statue. As soon as it hit, the person turned back into flesh and blood.

Ellen shook her head, then noticed her boyfriend crying against her. "Al... Alex?"

Alex looked up, and sure enough, Ellen was alive.

"Ellie! Thank Ladon... I thought..." Alex managed to get out.

"Hush Alex... It's over... We're all okay now... Thank you and Tellka..." Ellen said as she comforted her boyfriend.

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