A Return Trip Home

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Location: Windia
Winlan Memorial Hospital

It was safe to say that both Britney Bendrel and Brandon Conwing were both in the same state of mind.

Brandon was worried because of all the weird things that had happened throughout the day.

The young Windian Guard member had a lot on his mind. First there were the students disappearing from both the library and lunch, causing Windia High to close early. Then there was the freak snow storm that had started earlier that day.

It rarely snows here in Windia! And even when it does, it doesn't come down like this... What exactly is going on? And... Ray and Lucy... what happened to them? Both seemed to just pass out...

Brandon began to tap the hilt of his rapier as he pondered everything. He was worried about his sister and Ray. He was also upset at the fact that he had to force Jason and Candice to help him bring both unconscious teenagers to the hospital.

The black winged Windian was now alone in the hospital room watching over his sister and the Dragon. Sitting beside Ray's bed was an unusually quiet Britney Bendrel.

In a way, Brandon was glad that Jason and Candice were gone. He didn't know what would have happened if they had stayed, and frankly, the black winged Windian didn't want to know.

"Ray... please... wake up..." The younger dragon sobbed. "You too Lucy... please..."

Brandon watched Britney for a few seconds, and was about to talk to her. Britney finally turned and looked at Brandon with tears in her eyes.

"Mister!!! What... what happened to them???" Britney cried out.

Brandon stretched his wings before heading over to Britney. The Windian Guard went to one knee and began to soothe the young dragon.

"I'm Brandon, by the way... Lucy's brother." The Windian said with a smile. "And you are, young lady?"

Britney hiccupped before responding. "I'm... I'm Ray's sister... Britney... You seem like a nice person..." It was then that the threw herself at Brandon, crying.

"What happened? Why won't they wake up?" The dragon sobbed.

Brandon gently hugged Britney while patting her on the back.

"I'm not a doctor... But I'm sure that they'll wake up."

Britney looked at the Windian square in the eyes. "Promise?"

Brandon looked back at Britney with a genuine smile on his face. "I promise."

At that moment, both Ray and Lucy began to stir in their own hospital beds.

"Ladon... what a weird nightmare..." Ray said as he slowly began to sit up.

Lucy slowly awoke, looking around. "Where... where am I?"

"Ray!!! Lucy!!! You're awake!!!" In an instant, Britney was at her brother's side.

"Hey brat..." The older dragon said weakly.

Britney turned to look at Brandon. "You kept your promise... thank you!"

Lucy looked at her brother with interest. "What promise?"

"He promised that you both would wake, and you did!" Britney said as she embraced her brother.

Brandon stretched his wings. "So... what exactly happened? One minute you two were in the park... then both of you collapsed... Lucy... Ray... are you sure you're both okay?"

Lucy shook her head. "I... I think so... I don't feel sick anymore."

Ray nodded in agreement. "Neither do I... Though that dream I had..."

Lucy spoke up. "I had an odd dream as well... Ray and I... we were in a hospital room... But not this one... It looked odd... had some strange... machines..."

"Not only that, but we were fighting..." Ray spoke out. "Not each other... but some of the students from school... the ones that disappeared today..."

"I remember turning them to stone... Though I don't know a petrification spell... And I remember insulting Janet... Despite the fact that she was asking me why... I still did it..." Lucy said with a shudder.

"Then the fight... Alex and that coliseum fighter, Tellka... they destroyed us... or the evil versions of us..." Ray said quietly.

At that moment, both of them looked at each other, shocked. Brandon was also shocked. Britney, didn't realize, though.

Lucy and Ray had the exact same nightmare.

Location: Lunarvale
Lunarvale General Hospital

Tellka calmly made her way to the shard that was floating over the bed. Since the others, save Alex, were busy trying to work the stiffness out of their muscles.

The woren picked the piece of the Holy Mirror up before chuckling to herself.

"So... we fought those two... only for this thing?"

Kate looked over at Tellka. "How are you feeling?"

Tellka turned to look at Kate with a huge grin on her face. "Like a million zenny! I haven't done anything like that in a long time!"

Frank rotated one of his arms before adjusting his jacket. Making sure everything was in order. Satisfied that it was, he turned to Tellka.

"So... how did you do it? Beat them, I mean."

Tellka's ears flicked. "They made the mistake of letting me even the odds. Did you know that Alex and I managed to defeat a hybrid dragon?"

"Alex? Ya mean my brother? Are ya sure, Tellka?" Diane said with a smirk.

Alex turned from where he was standing beside Ellen. "Hush you..."

Janet stretched a little before speaking up. "But what about... Lucy... Is she..."

Alex shook his head. "No... they're both alive in Windia... Those two were different beings, but made out of the opposite image of both of them.

Janet merely shook her head before turning to Frank. "So... where do we go now?"

The Persona User in question folded his arms. "Well, that's two down... three more to go." Frank then pulled the GPS out of his jacket pocket and turned it on. The signal was still fading in and out.

"Well, we can go to either SEBEC, the subway, or the ruins." Frank said as he examined the map.

Yuki looked up from where she was checking her gun. "The best course of action would be to head to SEBEC. We don't know what we may run into underground."

"Besides..." Brad said as he continued to stretch. "SEBEC would be closer than either the Subway or the ruins."

Frank frowned as he continued to consider his options.

SEBEC... I wish we didn't have to go there... but Brad and Yuki are right... It is the most logical place... But Guido's goons are still crawling around there...

"Frank?" Kate said with worry.

The Persona User looked at the Woren, and noticed that her ears and tail were twitching in worry.

"Will you be okay? After... what happened there?" Kate said quietly.

Frank managed a slight nod. "I hope so, Kate... I hope so..."

Janet noticed the exchange between the two, and was left wondering about what they were talking about.

"All right then..." Frank said as he pocketed the GPS. Our next destination is SEBEC... Ellen and I will lead the way, since we've both been there before. Let's get going!"

And with those words, The Persona Users and the Windia natives made their way back to the lobby of Lunarvale General.

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