A Return Trip Home

AN: As stated before, this is a story using my characters and Kate's characters. Thanks go out again to Kate for letting me use her characters! E-mail all comments to FrankMayn@comcast.net

In the reception room of SEBEC, the only noise that could be heard at the moment was that of two computer keyboards clicking away.

"How's it going over there, Frank?" Yuki asked as she continued to type away.

Frank shook his head before turning in his chair to look at Yuki. "It's getting there, I think. I'm still used to using WindowsME... but it's getting there. I'm getting used to this OS." The Persona User then swerved in his chair to stare at the iMac he was working on.

"Well..." Yuki said as she turned away from her blue iMac. "I've managed to get into the security system from here."

"How'd you manage to crack the password, Yuki?" Frank asked as he went through some files.

"Would you believe Guido used God as his password?" Yuki said with a chuckle.

Frank closed his eyes as the mention of that name. He opened them in disbelief. "You're kidding, right?"

Yuki shook her head. "I've changed the security codes from here... I need to get the elevators and such running again."

"Wait!" Ellen said from where she was sitting beside her boyfriend. "They were going the last time we were here!"

"Since the last time you were here..." Yuki said as she clicked on a security log. "Someone's stepped up security. Good call on the factory, Frank. It's crawling with SEBEC's people."

Frank and Yuki continued to work from there in complete silence.

Kate, being Kate, was curious. She was currently looking at a purple iMac that was not currently in use at the moment. She was staring in awe at the fish screen saver.

Kate's tail was waving curiously. "What... what is this thing? Look at the pretty fish in there!" If one was to listen, a purr could be heard coming from the woren.

Since Frank and Yuki were busy, Ellen and Brad decided to explain to the curious, since a small crowd.

"This is a computer... an iMac." Brad pointed out.

"Kom... comp... computer? Wha'?" Diane tried to stammer out.

Ellen giggled at her boyfriend's sister. "A computer. We use these to help with artwork, play games..."

"Write papers, gather information... We use these for a lot of things." Brad said as he patted the iMac.

Janet looked at the computer curiously. "So, how do you use these things?"

"This is the keyboard..." Ellen said as she tapped the edge of said device. "And this is the mouse."

Ellen picked the mouse to show the group. Janet started to back away.

"EEW!!! You're touching it!!! Gross!!!" The Windian spouted out.

"Mouse???" Diane said as she touched it. When it didn't squeak, her ears flicked in confusion. "Weirdest mouse ahve evah seen... It doesn' even move..."

"Of course it doesnt, Diane... It's not alive. We use this to move the arrow on screen. See?" Brad explained. He moved the mouse, and the screen saver disappeared.

"Myah!!! The fishies!!!" Neko-Chan said in despair.

"They disappeared..." Kate said sadly.

"Myah!!! Wow!!!" Neko-Chan's eyes were following the mouse arrow on the screen.

Ellen giggled at the demoness. What she and Brad failed to notice was that Kate had slid into the chair and was messing with all the different things on the computer.

Kate was humming to herself as she continued to click on different things. Her tail was waving in interest as she continued to open different programs, type things... Then she went silent as the screen went black.

"Ellen? Brad? Did I do something wrong?" Kate asked in worry.

Both Persona Users looked over Kate's shoulders.

"Hard Drive format complete..." Brad started.

"Would you like to format another? Y/N?" Ellen said with a chuckle.

Brad and Ellen looked at each other, and began to laugh.

"What? What? Why won't it work?" Kate asked. The young woren then began to slap the top of the computer.

"Don't worry about it, Kate..." Ellen said with a giggle.

Kate shrugged, then got up from where she was sitting. She walked over to where Frank was and was watching him in interest.

"It seemed natural for her..." Alex started.

"Aww... yer jes sayin' things..." Diane told her brother. "Kate doesn' seem like th' type o' person ta be usin' computers... 'specially those iMac thingeys..."

"Got the elevators working! Frank, how's it going over there?" Yuki asked her friend.

"Since the GPS unit the other guys have has all the data for SEBEC in it... I decided to look for maps. They're printing now. Kate, can you get those papers for me?" Frank said as he clicked the print option.

"From there? That thing? Okay." Kate walked over to the printer and plucked the pages from it as they came out.

The Persona User leaned back in his chair and propped his feet up on the desk. "Unfortunately, that doesn't have the traps marked on it." Frank said casually.

"Traps? What kind of traps???" Janet asked, eyebrow raised in concern.

Both Frank and Yuki stood. "Well... Last time I was here... There were some patches of floor that shot electricity though a person if they stepped onto them. Nothing too big, though." Frank said to the worried Windian.

At that moment, Kate handed him the maps that he had printed out.

"All right then... let's get this over with." Frank said quietly. And with that, the group moved into the office areas of SEBEC.

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