A Return Trip Home

AN: This is a story using my characters and Kate's characters. Thanks go out again to Kate for letting me use her characters! Please e-mail all comments to FrankMayn@comcast.net

Once more, the group was in the hallways of SEBEC. Upon exploring the rest of the second floor, only encountering some minor demons that hardly posed a threat to the entire group.

Upon taking a vote, a unanimous decision was reached. The second floor had nothing of importance, so once more, the teenagers and one fun loving demoness piled into the elevator.

Another slow trip up the elevator resulted in the group exiting onto the third floor. Once more, the Persona Users and their friends left the moving sanctuary so they could continue their search for their third shard of the Holy Mirror.

Janet Meyers was thinking.

The Windian in question had a lot on her mind. She was wondering about what Frank had said back in that office when Ellen took that odd looking vest from him.

What exactly did he mean by that? I don't want anything happening to anyone... That's not something that would ever come out of his mouth...

Janet continued to walk on, not even giving notice to the others around her. The Windian pulled her borrowed jacket tight around her.

And he's been acting odd since we entered this place... What did they call it? SEBEC? Weird name...

Before she knew it, Janet was walking side by side with Frank Maynard. She glanced at the Persona User and noticed that he had a neutral look on his face. This surprised her, since normally, back in Windia and even here in this place, he usually had a smile.

"Hey Frank..." Janet started. "What are your plans anyhow?"

Frank continued to walk, though he did acknowledge the Windian. "I hope that we find those shards soon... Especially the one in here..."

Janet raised an eyebrow at the Persona User. "Why exactly do you want to find the one in here quickly?"

Frank closed his eyes and responded in a defeated, hushed voice. "Bad memories, Janet. Bad memories..."

Now, Janet Meyers could be bad. But she's not heartless. Frank and his friends were growing on her. In fact, she was taken aback by his tone of voice right then.

Bad... memories? Of this place? His hometown? Besides the obvious, what the hell could have happened here?

Noticing the look on Frank's face, Janet decided not to press any further.

Oddly enough, the Windian decided to stay up in front with Frank. The group continued to explore the third floor, and well... they turned up nothing. In dead silence, the teenagers made their way back to the elevator.



Once more, the elevator doors opened, and a group of teenagers and one fun loving demoness had left their sanctuary to look for the shard of the Holy Mirror.

"Fourth floor. Computers, lingerie, food items, and demons!" Brad said with a chuckle.

Yuki just sighed. "We may as well get it over with... I hope that thing is here..."

"Myah! My feet are starting to hurt!!!" Neko-Chan whined. However, she managed to keep that kawaii kitty look about her.

Diane's tail was twitching in boredom. "Ah... c'mon now! Ah've hardly been able t' test out mah new toy..."

"Diane, the last group of demons that attacked us didn't even last a few seconds with you firing at them!!!" Alex said in disbelief.

"Aw... come on, bro... Considerin' tha' one o' dem demons decided ta blow itself up and hurt all o' us..." Diane said while remembering the attack.

"I didn't even know demons could do that! At least, none of the things back home could do that..." The older Brandshire said in confusion.

"What that demon did was a move call Bi-Strike, Love..." Ellen explained to her confused boyfriend. "Basically, it's a last ditch move, in which the demon or the Persona's host sacrifices his or her power in order to destroy their opponents."

"You mean that there are some Personas that have that spell???" Alex asked, tail waving in confusion.

"She's right, you know." Frank interrupted. "Though none of us have a Persona that has that move. There are some that allow it. Like World:Anubis."

"That is strange..." Alex said as he rested a hand on his chin.

Janet rolled her eyes at the entire conversation. When she turned around to press on, she came to a complete stop.

Frank stopped himself from running into the startled Windian.

"Janet? What's wrong?" Getting no response, Frank followed Janet's gaze.

Currently, Janet was staring at three Angels that had approached the party. All three of them had their long bows ready, but as they came closer, they un-notched the arrows, and smiled at the Persona Users and their friends.

Frank heard the snick-click of a Mossburg M500 being pumped behind him. Immediately, the Persona User turned.

"No fighting, Diane... They're not going to attack us." Frank said quietly.

"Wha? Are ya sure?" Diane asked, keeping a steady hold of her gun. Frank replied with a simple nod. With a pout, Diane threw her gun over her shoulder.

"Persona User... please..." The Angel in front said with a sweet, gentle voice.

Frank turned to the Angels and crossed his arms in his usual fashion.

I'm dealing with angels here... not demons. Better be on my best behavior.

"Yes? How are you three today?" Frank asked with a genuine smile on his face.

The Angel in front fluttered her wings and smiled gently back at the Persona User.

"We are doing fine, Persona User. Though some of the other humans in here... They cannot be saved." The Angel said while she shook her head.

"You mean Guido's men, correct?" Frank asked.

The angel sighed once more. "Unfortunately, yes. They are looking to kill you and your friends, so please... be careful."

"We will, thank you for looking out for us." Frank replied.

The angel smiled once more. "It is our duty to make sure that people are safe, young man. May I ask a favor, though?"

"Of course... What is it that you ask?" The Persona User replied.

"May we talk to the young lady over there? I sense an aura of holiness about her... and the aura of a winged one as well... Though she has no wings."

Frank thought about it for a few seconds. "I don't see any problem with it. Go ahead."

The angel smiled, then approached Janet. As the angel moved toward the Windian, her wings were creating a slight breeze.

The angel landed gracefully in front of Janet. "Hello, young one. How goes it?"

Truth be told, Janet Meyers was still in awe. She continued to stare at the Angel without blinking. Eventually, the Windian shook her head and answered with a calm, clear voice. However, her eyes still had that awestruck look to them.

"Actually, I've had better days. I wish I was back home with my friends... but I doubt that will happen anytime soon."

"Child... are you not with your friends?" The angel had asked in it's sweet, serene voice.

Janet slowly turned to look at her companions.

Frank's done a lot to help me... But the others back in Windia... Lucy... Justin... the rest of WINGS... I miss them...

The Windian let out a thought filled sigh before returning her gaze to the Angel in front of her.

"To be honest... I'm...I'm not so sure..." Janet said quietly

The angel raised an eyebrow at the Windian. "Not sure?" the holy being had said before letting out a light chuckle. "Look around yourself, young one. The Japanese girl over there seems to have a newfound respect for you. And the Persona User who has the eyeglasses... He wants you to be safe. Look deep into your soul, child. You may have some friends at home... But you do have some new friends here." The Angel punctuated her sentence with a smile.

As Janet thought about the words that the angel had said to her, she began to rub her arms lightly.

But I do miss a lot of people at home... My family... will I even make it back?

The Windian let off a light shrug before speaking to the angel. "I guess so... but there are a lot of people back home that I do miss... Lucy... Justin... my family..."

"I understand, child." The angel told Janet once more with a genuine smile. "Eventually, you will be able to see them again. But remember... even now, you are amongst friends. Do not doubt that. And your friends here will be able to get you back safely."

Janet thought about this once more. Realization hit her as she figured out that what the Angel was telling her was true. Slowly but surely, a smile crept onto the Windian's face.

"Child, we must go now. But please, remember me. Never forget your friends. They will always be there to help you. Please, take this as a token of our friendship, young one." The Angel said in her serene voice. With a wave of her hand, a spell card began to float and twirl above Janet's head.

Janet looked up and slowly plucked the card out of mid-air.

The card itself had a picture of the Angel on it, sitting on a cloud with a small bird resting in her hand. Upon the angel's serene face was a smile. The card itself was made of some sort of mystic material, unknown to man. The thing could not bend or break, as Janet had found out. Below the picture of the Angel, the word Judgement was written in ancient English writing.

There's magic radiating from this! Holy magic... some of the purest holy magic that I've ever felt in my life...

"Why... why did you give this to me?" Janet stammered. A tear was beginning to form in one of her eyes.

"Because you deserve it. You've realized many things about the people here... your new friends. I consider you a friend as well. That is why I gave it to you." The Angel had said once more.

Janet was now crying. The angel had noticed this, and hugged her.

"Child... why do you cry?" The angel said quietly.

The Windian continued to sob lightly before answering. "I'm...happy... that's why. Tears of happiness..."

Both the Windian and the Angel shared their tender embrace for a few more moments. Finally, both of them separated after Janet had stopped shedding tears.

"Young one... I must go now. Please, remember what we talked about, and have faith in your friends. They will help you..."

Janet simply nodded with an actual smile adorning her face. The angel smiled once more before waving at the Windian. Soon after, all three angels left.

Janet continued to stare at the spell card that the Angel had given her.

"Janet? You okay?" Frank asked quietly.

"Frank..." Janet started. "Thank you..." The Windian said quietly.

"Hey... don't worry about it... We're here for you..." Frank replied.

Janet turned to the Persona User and smiled. She slipped the spell card into her backpack.

"Hey... let's find those shards... So we can all go home..." Janet asked Frank quietly.

The Persona User nodded, and continued to lead his group through the fourth floor.

AAN: (Another author's note) Thank you Kate, for helping me out with this chapter. I dedicate this part of my story to you, a great friend. Without you, I would have never been able to get this written.

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