A Return Trip Home

AN: As I said before... a crossover with my characters from the WRPG and Kate's characters. E-mail all responses to FrankMayn@comcast.net

Frank closed the door behind him, and then took the lead, since Kate or Tellka knew nothing about his world.

As they were walking though out the halls of the Lunarvale Police Department, Kate and Tellka were growing curious. Of course, they stood on guard.

"DARE??? Dare what?" Kate said. Frank turned, and saw her staring at a DARE poster on the wall.

Frank smiled. He knew Kate was getting better at reading, and it seemed that she enjoyed it.

"DARE. It's an acronym for a program, to keep kids off of illegal drugs."

Kate looked up from the poster. "Drugs? Acronym? Huh?" She looked at Frank, with one ear twitching in confusion.

"An acronym is a set of letters that stands for a phrase. And the drugs..." Frank sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. "They offer a sense of euphoria, but what people don't realize is that it kills them slowly."

Kate looked shocked, and was about to say something, when Tellka interrupted them.

"We don't have all day! Let's keep on going!" She said as she twirled her staff.

Frank and Kate looked at Tellka, and decided to press on.


Ellen stared at the door for a bit, before turning back to Alex and Diane.

"Do ya think they'll be ok?" Diane asked.

Ellen smiled. "Of course they will. Frank's used to this... And from what I've heard, Tellka's a seasoned fighter."

Janet rattled her cell door. "Of course she is! She's one of your kind!" She hissed at Alex.

Alex scowled and walked up to her. "Listen... you're in no position to be throwing insults..."

Janet just turned her head up, and looked around her cell out of sheer boredom.

Alex sighed. "Won't she ever learn?"

Ellen looked at him. "It's her, Alex. Don't worry about it." She said as she kissed his cheek.

Diane made a gagging motion. "Hey y'all... Leave some room for ya to breathe..." She said as she turned back to the door which her friends had left earlier.

Both Ellen and Alex blushed, while Janet just growled in sheer frustration.

Back to Frank and company...

Frank, Kate, and Tellka finally made it to the lobby of the police station, after numerous fights with some of the demons in the police station.

"That felt good..." Tellka said as she stretched. It was apparent that she took to beating the tar out of a few demons.

Kate, on the other hand, took off to look at an overturned cat statue that was in the lobby. She had trouble getting to it, since the entire place was trashed.

Tellka looked around. "This place looks like a hurricane's been through it."

Frank turned to her. "The officers tried to protect the place... I don't know what happened."

Tellka grunted. "They did a GREAT job of doing that... If these... warriors... protect your town, then I'd hate to see what it's like on a normal day."

Frank sighed, and went to talk to Kate. Tellka on the other hand went to examine the body of a dead officer.

"A cat!!!!" Kate said happily. "Though why there'd be a statue of one here..."

"That's a good question... So good, I don't know the answer to it..." Frank looked at Kate and still found her transfixed on the statue.

"So where's this key we're supposed to get? Is it in that box over there, with a picture of a key on it?" Tellka said as she looked around.

Frank laughed. "Gee... where else could it be?" Before Tellka could say anything, he walked over to the box and snagged the spare key.

"Got it..." Frank said as he unhooked the key from the rack. As he turned around, something caught his attention.

"Huh?" He knelt down to examine something shining, and found a handgun, along with a hip holster and plenty of ammunition.

"This may be useful..." He looked around for something stronger, but found nothing.

"Are you done yet???" Tellka asked as she tried to drag Kate away from the cat statue.

"Yeah... C'mon... let's get going." Frank said as he buckled the holster to his waist.

"Why do you need that? You've already got a gun!" Tellka said as she was pulling Kate away from the statue.

"I'll tell you later. Let's head back." Frank said as he approached the door.

Kate pouted, since she didn't want to leave the statue, but nodded anyway. Tellka also nodded, as she and Kate followed Frank through the door into the maze of hallways.

"I'll have to remember to ask him why this place is like a maze..." Tellka muttered under her breath.

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