A Return Trip Home

"Wow, Frank..." The pale teenager said in a squeaky, nasal voice.

"That was awesome!" The plump teen said in a deep, Japanese accented voice.

"Kain? Chunky? I didn't even notice that you two were in here..." Frank said quietly. He made a shushing motion at his two friends.

Kain Highwind: Another student who attends St. Hermelin High. Like Ellen, he has an interest in the supernatural and the occult. Because he frail, he cannot do well in PE. His interests have earned him the nickname "Spooky". When Ellen attended St. Hermelin, she and Kain often had arguments in the library. Kain is not a Persona User, but knows about the power, the demons, and the world Frank, Ellen, and Nate were sent to.

Hideki "Chunky" Torotana: Another Japanese exchange student who just happens to be the school's wrestling champion. He has a crush on Alana Morris, and continues to ask her out no matter how many times she tries to crush his ego. Chunky is a Persona User, however, his Persona took control of him once because of his feelings toward Alana. He now has control, but he must strengthen his Persona to be battle ready.

Kain pushed his glasses up. "Take a look at this, Frank." The pale teenager held up the paper so Frank could read the headline.

"Huh? Government and Police baffled. Silent Hill, Illinois disappears off the face of the planet." Frank looked at Kain and Chunky again. "Silent Hill? Isn't that..."

Diane was looking at the newspaper in interest. "Silent Hill? What th' heck?"

Brad was now reading the article. He turned to Diane briefly. "Silent Hill is a lakeside resort down, complete with an amusement park. My family was going to go there this summer, but now... Hey... check it out!"

"What now, Brad?" Frank asked as he tried to look at the article. He then saw a picture of a man beneath the article.

"Says here that the famous mystery slash horror author Harry Mason and his daughter, Cheryl Mason are missing... along with a police officer from the next town over... Brahams... The officer's name is Cybil Bennett." Brad read from the newspaper.

"You guys think it may be connected to our town?" Frank asked.

Chunky just shook his head. "I doubt it... Lunarvale is still here, just cut off from the rest of the world by those God forsaken plasma barriers. According to this, Silent Hill and all it's residents, along with those three, just... vanished. All that's left of the town is a huge chasm, according to the professionals."

Frank was going to say something else, when Tellka tapped him on the shoulder.

"You know, all this talk about this Silent Hill place is going to get you nowhere. What are we going to do about those last two shards?" Tellka asked as her tail whipped around impatiently.

Frank looked from a sleeping Kate to an impatient Tellka. "You're right... thanks for reminding me... Anyway, we're not going to be leaving for awhile... Kate needs to rest, as does Alex, Ellen, and Diane."

"Aww... Frank! I dun need ta rest! See?" Diane said as she stretched. However, Frank noticed that she was having trouble just staying up. She nearly tripped over her own tail.

"Yes you do, Diane... I'm sure running all over SEBEC wasn't exactly energizing." Frank replied.

Before Diane could say anything else, Tellka interrupted again.

"Great... just great... We're just going to sit here while the Snow Queen decides to turn your town into a giant Popsicle." Tellka muttered.

"Now I didn't say all of us were going to stay here... I'm going to send a group of five to the subway, while some of us catch up on some rest." Frank explained.

"Well, that's fine and dandy, Frank. But I'm willing to bet you're going to stay here, since Kate's asleep. And since Kate's staying, I'm staying as well, got it?" Tellka explained to the Persona User. Frank noticed that her tail was whipping around impatiently.

"I know, Tellka. I wasn't planning on asking you to go anyhow, since Kate's staying here." Frank said quietly.

"All right then, I'll accept that. So, who's going out there?"

Frank was about to reply to the woren, when the doors opened, and a bubbly voice interrupted the two.

"Brad! So, like, there you are!!!" Alana said as she crossed the cafeteria.

"Oh no... not Alana..." Brad said quietly as he backed away,

"Brad! Is that, like, anyway to treat your girlfriend?" Alana said as she twirled a finger in one of her pigtails.

The egotistical Persona User just shook his head. "Look Alana... how many times do I have to tell you? I am not..."

"Brad! Look! It's still snowing! Let's go outside and like do something!" Alana said as she looked out the window.

"Hello?! Alana! There are, oh... DEMONS out there!" Brad nearly yelled at Alana.

Alana was going to say something else, when...

"Mrowr... HISS!!! I'm trying to sleep here! Meow... tone it down!!!" Neko-Chan said before curling up on the bench again.

Tellka began to glare at Alana. "You two had better tone it down... Kate's trying to sleep over there! She hasn't had an easy day!"

Frank shook his head.

Brad... I was going to send him, but this complicates things... If he goes, Alana's going to force herself on the group... possibly annoying the others. If there are any women in the group, she'll immediately accuse them of trying to steal Brad, despite the fact that they aren't going together.

At that moment, both Ellen and Alex walked in, leaning against each other for support. Alex was now wearing a St. Hermelin uniform, customized with a hole in the pants for his tail. Behind them, Janet was adjusting the necktie on the St. Hermelin uniform that she was wearing. Immediately, she turned to Yuki.

"Honestly, Yuki... How can you wear these things day in and day out?"

Yuki chuckled at the Windian. "It takes time, but you get used to it. Anyway, why did you wear the tie? Since you're technically not a student here..."

Janet shrugged. "Dr. Kotter did say that I look good in it... that's why I'm wearing it." The Windian then offered a smile at the Japanese teenager.

Tammy, Tad, and their nekomata followed Janet and Yuki in. Currently, the nekomata was still staring at Alex.

Frank regarded his friends with interest.

That's it... Janet... She's a leader... I mean, she is the leader of WINGS, after all. I'll ask her. If she agrees, I'll send Yuki with her, and have both of them choose the other three.

Before Frank could ask, Janet had already approached him, with a look of concern on her face.

"How is she?" Janet asked the Persona User.

"Kate's okay, now... She just needs to rest... that's all... Janet... I need to ask you a favor." Frank said quietly.

Janet just placed her hands on her hips. "It depends on what the favor is, boy..."

"I need you to be the leader to find the next shard."

At that point, the Windian removed her hands from her hips and just stared at the Persona User.

"You want me to what???" Janet asked with a tone of surprise in her voice.

"Lead a group into the subway to get the next shard of the Holy Mirror, Janet." Frank said as he stroked Kate's hair. The woren continued to purr in her sleep.

Diane overheard the Persona User talking to the Windian. "Her? Why her, Frank?" The younger Brandshire sibling just gave Janet a fierce glare from where she had decided to sit.

Janet was going to say something, but was interrupted by Frank.

"Because she's got the qualities of a leader, Diane. That, and the fact that nearly everyone here is winded, and we need to find those shards as soon as possible." Frank said quietly.

Diane didn't say anything else. The woren just sprawled out on the bench she was sitting on and promptly fell asleep.

Janet, however, was lost in thought.

Is he serious? Why me? Why the hell would he ask me, of all people? I mean, there's Yuki, but he still asked me...

The Windian crossed her arms and leaned back before looking at Frank.

"Why me?" Was all she asked of the Persona User.

"Simple, Janet. I believe in you. I know you can do it. I mean, you're WINGS leader, aren't you?" Frank said quietly.

Janet shook her head. "But this is different! I don't think..."

"We'll listen to you, Janet. I know... it was hard at first... but now, it's different. Janet... you're respected by most of us now... And I consider you a friend of mine..."

The Windian whirled around and noticed Yuki looking at her with a smile.

"Janet... I'll help you. I know you don't know your way around Lunarvale... but I'll be here to help you..." Yuki told the Windian.

Janet smiled back at the Japanese teenager. "Yuki... thanks... Thanks for giving me what I need..."

"Oh? And what may that be?" Yuki said curiously.

"Confidence." Janet turned back to Frank. "I'll do it. Just tell me..."

Frank smiled at Janet. "Thanks..." The Persona User reached into his pocket and fished out the GPS.

"Here's the map, Janet. Take three others with you and Yuki. And please... be careful out there..." Frank said quietly before closing his eyes.

Janet picked up the odd machine and twirled it around in her hands, poking it every so often. "So... how does..."

Yuki walked up to the Windian, who promptly shoved the GPS unit at her.

"Here... I really don't know how this thing works... So maybe you should take it, Yuki."

Yuki chuckled before taking the electronic device from Janet. "All right... The subway..." With a click of a button, a 3-D map emerged from the device. The Persona User then set the device on a table.

Janet eyed the map carefully. "Okay... I guess this is the school here... And according to this... the subway... has four separate entrances? What in Ladon's name is that place?"

Yuki looked at her friend. "A subway... Mass Transit? This one takes us all over the city quickly... and one train even takes us to Sumaru City. But the trains are all dead at the moment."

The Windian looked confused. "Mass transit? What?"

Yuki chuckled. "Never mind, Janet. See these four entrances? They all lead to the station underground. Luckily, the corridors there aren't mazes. The DEVA system didn't affect it."

Tammy took the time to ask Janet a simple question.

"Okay... You're leading..." Tammy said as she slammed a new magazine into her sub-machine gun. "Who's going?"

Janet eyed her companions closely.

Frank's a no-go... He's taking care of Kate. Tellka... She seems to be doing the same thing... Alex and Ellen... are fast asleep against one another. Neko-Chan's also trying to rest... Diane's asleep... The pale kid over there looks like he'd easily get defeated. He has no weapons on him at all. The fat kid... He looks formidable, but my gut instinct is telling me something happened to him. I'd better not risk it. Brad... as annoying as he is, I'd take him... but I bet that bimbo who claims to be his girlfriend would force herself in... And blame me for trying to take him... Ladon... why do they remind me of Jason and Candice? That leaves three other people... Tad, Tammy, and the Nekomata we saw in the hospital...

"Tad... Tammy... can you go with us? Along with the Nekomata?" Janet finally said.

Tad slammed a clip into a massive handgun with a ten-inch barrel. "I'm game... what about you, Tammy?"

Tammy chuckled. "Of course..."

"Myah! No! I want to stay a bit longer with Alex! Meow... he's so..." The Nekomata had that starry look in her eyes again.

"Sorry... but you are coming with us." Tammy said as she dragged the demoness away from Alex and Ellen.

"Meow... okay, I guess..."

Janet looked at the handgun Tad was holding. "What is that? That's the biggest..."

Tad chuckled. "What? You've never seen a gun like this? It's a Desert Eagle 50 A.E. with a ten-inch barrel. Strong, but the kick..."

Janet unholstered her Beretta again. She glanced at her gun, then at Tad's heavy handgun.

"Now why does everyone get the stronger weapons..." The Windian grumbled.

Tad glanced at the Windian. "Hey... I'll trade with you, but if it's too strong..."

"Deal! Hand it over!" Janet said gleefully. Tad chuckled and handed his Desert Eagle to the Windian along with some ammo. In return, Janet gave the Persona User her Beretta along with a few clips.

"Look... if that gun makes you uncomfortable, I'll give you back your old one, okay?" Tad said as he pocketed his ammo.

Janet had trouble gripping the massive gun in her small hands. Finally, she managed to get a comfortable grip on the gun.

"All right... We're ready now..." Janet said quietly. Her companions nodded at her. The group of five was ready to leave when Frank's voice interrupted them.


The Windian turned around and looked at the Persona User.

"Look... All of you... be careful... if anything happens..."

"Frank, we'll be okay. Don't worry!" Janet said to him.

Frank nodded. "I'll call you guys periodically. Tammy... radio me if anything comes up, okay?"

"We will Frank." Tammy said quietly.

It was then that Janet led her group out into the halls and out of the school, via the hole in the gym walkway.

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