Brandon Conwing's (deceased)

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Windian
History- Hrm, how to put this? Brandon is dead. He died during Out of Darkness while trying to protect those he was with. So..... that's about it. This is what his history was up to that point:

Brandon's been training for the Windian Royal Guard's since he was old enough to hold a weapon. Actually, he's not just in training, he's already a WRG =^^= It's just that he's been assigned to watching after Nina... er... Lucy, so he's got no time to go running off on any of the little assignments that many of the other guards do. Not that he really minds. Brandon takes his job very very seriously, no matter what the job his. His current one is to watch and protect Lucy, so he's always somewhere around her, even if you can't see him at the time. =^^= He's probably at least in earshot. He's always got his rapier with him too, even if you can't see it... ~ears flick lightly~ Yes, even at school. There was a long talk with the principal, and much of the falculty, and some parents... but he's allowed to have it with him. ~heh~

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- S
Birthday- June 20th
Family- Mother- Kelly Conwing Father- Matt Conwing Sister- Lucy Conwing
Fighting Style- Swordsman/Magic User/Lancer
Weapon of Choice- Rapier
Special Element- Lightning
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Spare time? What's that?
Favorite Number- 17
Favorite Color- Dark Blue
Favorite Animal- Black Bird
Favorite Flower- Forget-Me-Nots
Favorite Season- Fall
Least Favorite Day of the Week- Wednesday
Useless Talent- Can chug a gallon of milk ~ugh =~-~= I know I know, chugging that much milk is a feat no ordinary human can do.. but Brandon's not human, remember? He's windian :P It's still distrubing =~~=;;~
Personality Quirk- Brandon's one of those people who generally don't speak unless there's something worth saying... so... he doesn't talk much. =^^= Trying to start up a casual conversation with him is like talking to a brick wall...
Nervous Habit- He taps the hilt of his rapier when he's thinking.
Intersting Fact- Brandon's a Windian Royal Guard in training. =^-^= See, his Dad's a Captain, so Brandon gets an extra special spot in the force. ~chuckles~ Well... not really... but it's because of his dad that Brandon's even in the force. Brandon takes his work very very seriously. =^^= Come to think of it, he's not really in training either. =0-o= He is a Royal Windian Guard... =^^=;; heh...
Spells Known

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