Candice Raster's

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Windian
History- Candice was introduced to the WINGS when she first met Janet. Since then, Candice doesn't really get along with many of the WINGS members. =^^= No one really knows why she still hangs around them. She used to like Jason, and then Jason went and ran off to help out a dragon and Candice just have never thought of him the same. Now she's started hanging all over Justin, which is pretty bad since Justin is supposedly going out with Janet, but he doesn't seem to mind the attention from Candice. Anyway, Candi's an um... interesting girl. =0-o= For anyone out there who believes all females are evil, Candi's your proof. She's manipulative, possessive, power hungry, and on the outside she just looks like some lazy, clueless blonde. =^^= (She really scares me sometimes. =0-o=;;;)

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- L
Birthday- May 7th
Family- Mother- Kim Raster Father- Jack Raster
Fighting Style- Whip-user-person-thingy/Magic User
Weapon of Choice- Whip
Special Ability- One of a few magic users to have mastered Shadow Magic ~parlor tricks :P It's all done with illusions, none of it's real, but it affects you as if it were real, unless you can dispel it. =^^=;; so, for all purposes, it's real, but it's not... because it only affects it's target(s) and anyone not targetted has no idea what's going on because they can't see it since it's not affecting them. =0-o=;; Myah...~
Special Element- Water
Favorite Number- 7
Favorite Color- Pink
Favorite Flower- Carnation
Favorite Season- Spring
Least Favorite Day of the Week- Monday
Worst Fear- Being unprepared for any big school tests.
Musical Talent- Candi's a rather good singer.
Personality Quirk- Candi's actually pretty hard to figure out. ~blinks~ I suppose you could pin her has a 'dumb blonde' ~she's got the raspberry blonde hair :P~ but she's not really dumb... just lazy.... she's also rather manipulative if you watch. =0-o=;; Power hungry and possessive =^^=;; Candi's such a female. ~tsks~
Intersting Fact- Candice has plans for the WINGS, whether or not anyone can really tell. She's actually had her eye on taking over the little WINGS project for a while now... at first she had been chasing after Jason to try and help her achieve this goal, however now the WINGS group is starting to fall a part and Candice seems to have another idea of how to gain control over it, and it seems to have to do with hanging all over Justin and causing tension between him and Janet.
Spells Known

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