Spells known:

Water: Shadow: Status Affecting:
Shower- Water attack against one opponent.
Storm- Water attack against all opponents.
Tidal Wave- Water attack against all opponents ~requires a large body of water nearby at the time~
Bubble Shield- Water shield, guards best against fire attacks, guards worst against ice and earth attacks, minor resistance to physical attacks.
Invisibility- Causes caster to become invisable.
Soundless Movement- Causes caster to move about silently.
Fearless- Causes caster to believe they've been healed enough to continue fighting.
Echo- Causes caster to be heard from a different area then where caster is located.
Clone- Causes images of the caster to be seen in different areas then where caster is located.
Bind- Causes one opponent to think they've been rooted.
Soundless- Causes one opponent to think they've been muted.
Disorient- Causes one opponent to lose complete battle concentration.
Dizzy- Causes one opponent to become confused.
Mind Wipe- Lowers one opponents ability to cast spells.
Summon- Causes one opponent to see demons fighting them.
Banish- 1/3 chance of causing one opponent to flee.
Speed Up- Raises speed of one target.
Hinder- Slows down the movement of an opponent.

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